What are fun ways to prepare PB?

Please tell me!

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  • 8 years ago
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    You could spread some plain p.b. or add a bit of powdered sugar to it....stir it real well, spread it between Ritz crackers, dip the whole little cracker sandwich in some melted chocolate. That is yummy! Also, you can make chocolate brownies, get about a cup of p.b., add an egg, plus about 1/3 cup of powder sugar. Spread a thin layer of brownie, next, the p.b. layer, and then more brownie on top. You can also swirl it with a knife to get it through nice and evenly. Take them out, just BEFORE they are baked all the way, it will continue baking after it is out of the oven. Melt some chocolate chips and swirl that on top, with some peanut butter....no egg, just powder sugar and the p.b. It looks great and both p.b. treats are awesome!

    You can also add it into rice crispy treats and add more on the top of the treats.

    Put some inside of a banana, cut length wise, even dip that into chocolate, freeze it, or eat it once the chocolate hardens. (it hardens quicker in the fridge, and to melt chocolate chips, add a bit of oil to them. It is easier to work with, and hardens up real nicely. Some people use wax...yuk, just make sure that you shake the chips around in the little tad of oil, so they each get a little coating.)

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    8 years ago

    think out side the box

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