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Why does everybody thinks Lars Ulrich of Metallica is a **** drummer?

Ok so not everybody (like me). But why do so many people hate on Lars Ulrich as a drummer? He ******* pioneered the fast metal style he's playing (which I guess is slow by today standards but you get my drift), if not he made it VERY popular. So he's not Gene Hoglan or whatever (whom I also love). What does that have to do with him being 'the worst drummer ever'? I think the only reason people say this is because they automatically compare him to a faster and more technical drummer, so Lars Ulrich sucks. Right.

So many youngsters nowadays don't realize the impact he had on metal drumming, how good his songwriting is (songwriting > technical superiority), how he dared to change his drum sound for St. Anger (which I absolutely love). And people don't give me this 'Metallica sold out' bull, because they didn't sold out, they evolved and went with the times and just happened to still sell a load of albums. They're NOT a thrash metal band, they're a heavy metal band. Lars himself said that. Any idiot can see that. They basically captured the whole thrash metal genre in their first four albums, so what more do you want??

Ok so people hate him as a person for the Napstar stuff or whatever, fine. But why hate on him as a drummer. If you're a metal drummer and you hate on him, you should acknowledge he had a HUGE influence on what you're playing, whether you like it or not.

I'm not being Lars' lapdog here and I'm not a drummer myself. I'm just wondering why so many people underrate him as a drummer.


@狼 Lord Frieza 雨: I'm speechless for that long and well written, understanding response. I'm considering picking your answer man

@Andsoon Thedarkness: I agree he was ferocious early on and kind of stalled I guess...

@Leprosy: I agree, hate is a's really sad isn't it

@Prove it or get lost: I totally agree with you fame doesn't (always) equal talent and vice versa, that's just the way it is. He's sloppy but when I listen to Metallica I never complain about the drumming I don't even think about it. And those drummers you named are indeed fantastic, they fit the music they do (Portnoy in DT, Lombardo in Slayer, easily identifiable), but so does Lars. I guess maybe from a drummer's standpoint he might 'suck', but he's alright to me

@blysqyr: I thought it was pretty cool he did the whole St. Anger album with that drum sound, it lended itself to a certain extent of consistency and fit the whole theme of the album quite well. MAybe

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  • 8 years ago
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    Right on man. I agree on SOME points, others I fiercely disagree.

    There are things in this world called N00BS, or kiddies or whatever you'd like to call them. These people are basically late arrives to the party. These people recognize a trend, and decide to jump on the bandwagon to "one up" on everyone else.

    Here's how it usually starts. Drummer X plays one of Metallica's songs. Relatively technically proficient drummer. Word spreads out that Lars is a very simple drummer who doesn't have complicated bass drum lines and no major virtuoso chops (polyrhythms, counter rhythms stuff like that).

    On live concerts, Lars can't really play the studio drum lines. Everyone now thinks that he's an unbelievably simple drummer who should have stuck to AC/DC's songs. Everyone compares him to MODERN drummers. To tell ya the truth, technicality and mad skills were NEVER Lars' strong points. Even back in the 80's. There were faaaaaaaaaaar better drummers then Lars and everyone knew it.

    People still bash on him and Kirk cause people treated them like kings, and some people decided to put an end to it. But then the counter attack became the trend. You're right, he's a relatively innovative drummer, learned the basic idea from Motorhead and developed his own fast bass drumming BUT by 1985 he was largely irrelevant really in terms of technicality.

    He's simple to play and if you were a drummer you'd know that he's not Haake or Portnoy. That's why people under appreciate him as a drummer. These are the same kids who'd say cars from the 80's suck when they compare them to 00's cars. Not fair right? Ignorance. Pure ignorance.

    Besides I think his drumming feats Metallica spectacularly well, I think the simplistic nature of the drums makes the music deeper, feel more like *HOME*. Can't really explain it, but it kinda touches you more than some boring @ss drumming. Get my drift?

    Besides, not all people like his major D*CK personality. I find it hilarious but he's a son of a b*tch ;) The drum's production on St. Anger was the most HORRIBLE thing I've ever heard. Come on it's like 25 years since Kill 'Em All they should have learned something by then.

    Basically people hate him because he's not Gene Hoglan or Portnoy or Proscriptor of Christy. People just like to hate on stuff, it ain't surprising when everyone lives in his own sh*t. Out of PURE ignorance. But hey buddy you seem to be pretty smart dude, you can tap on your shoulder now :D

    *** EDIT ~

    thanks man. You know Lars himself always said {rephrasing} "I'm no Portnoy, but there's one thing I do really REALLY well, and that's playing along James' rhythm."

    The reason you don't complain is that his drums FIT Metallica's music PERFECTLY. But *if* you played the drums you won't really have opportunity to exercise some crazy chops, stretch out your legs or get super excited because he really ain't a great DRUMMER in terms of actual, solid SKILL.

    No one likes to play AC/DC if he's some serious sh#t but EVERYONE likes listening to AC/DC. So while Dream Theatre have a lot of skill, they're also fukcing boring and no fuuuuuun most of the time.

    Sorry about grammar and stuff, I write fast and am not a Native speaker anyway *sigh*

    Source(s): I agree, Lars' good. I like Lars and his drumming, in his own slimy way. People should stop trying to impress they just end embarrassing themselves. The drummers themselves don't care they're way past that point, it's the non drummers who decide to play smarty pants and FAIL MISERABLY.
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    All of these answers are wrong. Simplicity never had anything to do with it. Simple can be great. Most of us have no problem with the drumming on Metallica's classic albums. Simply, but effective, there was a strong sense of groove.

    That groove is entirely missing from modern, live Metallica. Lars Ulrich, a drummer, can not keep time to save his life. Even playing straight 4/4, he can not stay on tempo. It's a timekeeping disaster, the polar opposite of groove. What's amazing is that the band is clearly so used to this hideous situation that they can actually follow him.

    He is truly the worst drummer of any major rock band I've ever heard in my life. It has nothing to do with simplicity, or double bass drums, or fitting the music. He's just not good at his job, period. Doesn't practice enough to play his lines right, and is too arrogant to think he has any responsibility to do so. If it weren't basically half his band, they would have fired him. Faced with either breaking up or sucking it up, they chose the latter.

    For the rest of us, it just sucks that their last great concerts were 25 years ago.

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't hate the guy, but he's nowhere near as talented as most say he is. At their peak, Metallica carried Lars. He was an average drummer in an exceptional band. Speaking from a drummer's standpoint, he's not very innovative or creative, and his sound on St Anger was the last straw for me. I can appreciate experimenting - pick a song, or part of a song, test the waters - but to jump in head first and record the whole album with that silly steel drum, I lost what remaining respect I had left for him, and for the band as a whole. I've seen them live a few times, and if there is a weak link in that band, it's Lars.

    Obviously, I'm not in a band that has traveled the world and sold kabillions of records...I'm just a regular guy who happens to play drums a little...and Lars is to drums what Nikki SIxx is to basses.

    Source(s): experience
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  • 8 years ago

    I've never bashed him and I don't think he sucks at all. I still get off on listeining to their first 4 albums.

    Sometimes I think it's more of a fashion statement to bash on Lars Ulrich. Or someone might be afraid to admit to enjoying his drumming because of all the trendy haters.

    Whatever the case, he doesn't suck. I don't like the crap he plays on St Anger, and he needed to tighten up his hi-hat for Death Magnetic. But that doesn't mean he sucks

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  • 8 years ago

    He sucks to a point. He was a lot better in the early years. But he barely ever used double bass and used a lot of simple beats. Bands I listen too get technical =P

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Uh lets see..

    Fame =/= talent

    4/4 is not hard

    he can't keep the simplest of beats outside of ^^ time

    You want a good drummer? Portnoy. Mangini. Neil Peart. Keith Moon. Zbigniew Prominski. Dave Lombardo. George Kollias. Scott Travis.

    hell, even Shawn from megadeth is better than Lars

    Lets face it. My sister can play a more complicated beat than Lars in his prime

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't have a problem with his drumming. It's his personality that sucks. He's an arrogant pr!ck.

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