My Dad is dying... Please read. - Songs?

I'm 18 - My Dad has been sick since I was 12. He's 66 and has Diabetes, Kidney Failure, and heart failure.

He is on Hemo Dialysis right now but because his health is deteriorating, (his hands are sore to the touch, he's in a wheel chair because his feet have holes in them the size of a small orange, he vomits daily, and he is almost completely blind in both eyes) he's thinking about quitting within the next week.

I moved in with him again this past month to take care of him and it is a 24/7 job. I have to give him cloth baths, cook all of his meals, bandage his feet because the home nurse only comes every other day, get all of his medications for him.. I basically live for him. Think about how many things you do in a day, everything he does. I help him with.

And I am more than happy to be here for him. I have 7 other siblings but they don't help. My Mom is an alcoholic so she doesn't help. It's just My dad and me.

My question is, are there any songs that would fit my situation? Music is my only outlet in this situation.

I know of "Let go daddy" by Crystal Shawanda - But that doesn't fit because I'm only 18 - He wont be there when or if I get married.

Thanks so much.

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    9 years ago
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    My dad passed away this past Saturday. His visitation/viewing was Monday night and his funeral was today. I'm only 19. I'm a huge daddy's girl, or I was. When I here I'm Already There by Lonestar, I think of him.

    Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood, Holes in the Floor of Heaven by Steve Holy, If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away by Justin Moore, Believe by Brooks and Dunn, Daddy's Hands by Holly Dunn, A Lot of Things Different by Kenny Chesney, Hurt by Cristina Aguilera, God Only Cries by Diamond Rio, Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill, Cowgirls Don't Cry by Brooks and Dunn, Changes by Kelly& Ozzy Osbourne, & What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts

    All of these songs remind me of my dad.

    Always remember, no matter what happens, God is with you. He's standing right next to you. He has a plan for you. Just keep your head up. I know it's hard. I can honestly say I've been there. I watched my dad suffer for 6 years. He would've been 40 yesterday. It's hard. It really is, but God's with you. & you are in my prayers.

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