Looking for people in Blois France?

Hi there I am looking for people who live in Blois, we consider to move there and would like find some more information about the region. Or maybe even meet people who live there and make some friends. We are 4 people family so we interested in any information about schools, jobs, culture events there etc. Will be grateful for any answers. Thanks


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  • Daniel
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    9 years ago
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    You say you are considering moving to Blois, France, but your post is marked as being from the USA.

    From the content of your question it also looks as if you know very little about the area that you have chosen and you are unaware of the fact that, unless you are a European citizen, it is now no longer possible to move from abroad to the Schengen zone in which France is.

    Only people holding a European nationality are allowed to move to and work in another European state. The only exceptions made are for people from abroad who have particularly rare qualifications and skills which are in short supply in the EU, and , before moving, they must find employment whilst they are in their own country then obtain a long stay visa and work permit supported by an organisation that can prove they are unable to fill the vacancy they are offering with a citizen of the EU. If they are professionals their qualifications have to be recognised by the state. Long stay visas, when they are given, are only valid for a maximum period of three years. To move to France applicants also have to demonstrate a fair knowledge of French and French culture when they make their application. All this is in the same line as for European citizens who want to move to the USA and who must be fluent in English and get a green card to work and stay there. Even for Europeans the job situation in France at the moment is not good with high unemployment and very many applicants for each vacancy advertised, and the cost of living has escalated enormously in recent years.

    Blois is in the Loire Valley where the most famous castles of France are located in considerable numbers. It is a very touristy area as a result. You will find general information about the city on this website:


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