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The impact of bridges?

I'm writing an essay and I need some help on information. Could you please give me detailed answers to the following questions?

1. What positive and negative effects do bridges have on the environment? (Environmental factors)

2. What positive and negative effects do bridges have on the economy? (Economical factors)

3. How do bridges affect human life? What would our lives be like without bridges?

Examples and facts to support your answer would be nice. But if you don't have any, that's fine too. Thanks so much for your help!! :)


One more question:

4. How does noise pollution affect the eco system?

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    1 Typical bridges have little effect on the environment. It is shady under the bridge so some types of plants won't grow. Some animals may move away because of the bridge noise, or the exhaust fumes from the vehicles using the bridge others will use the bridge for shelter or a way to catch prey. Humans may fish from the bridge. The construction and repair of the bridge will pollute the water.

    2 The local economy is usually improved as additional land becomes available, that was not easily accessible before the bridge.The construction of both the bridge and on the new property makes jobs.

    3 I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Without bridges, much of the city would be inaccessible except by wading though swamps or swimming or boating. The alligators would be scary. Neil

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    A bridge like the Golden Gate a great deal elevated the probabilities for commercial and cultural substitute. It made it plenty extra undemanding for persons from Marin County to shuttle into the city for artwork or to attend museums, galleries, the symphony, the opera, to attend college, attend conventions, dogs shows, and so on. -- and vice versa. It authorized the form of the in demand city. The bridge is very eye-catching and has become widely used as a logo of San Francisco.

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    Ruby Bridges Impact On Society

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    i had sex on a bridge once.

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