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What can I do about my rude neighbors - noise pollution and using our property?

I live in a subdivision and own my home. Not sure if neighbors rent/own. Our driveways are separated by a 4 ft strip of grass, so not much privacy. The problems started after we moved here 3 1/2 years ago, with their kids leaving garbage in our yard, breaking some of our lawn decorations, etc. Just petty stuff, so we would speak to the parents, who would be surprisingly apologetic about it. But then it would start up again after a few weeks. Then one day the kids took a slingshot to our siding and did about $300 worth of damage. We called the police, and one of their older kids got sent to juvenile hall, as he had been in trouble before. While they promised to pay us for the damage, we've received nothing. We immediately posted a private property sign and we told the parents we did not want their kids on our property anymore.

Few problems after that, except for them using our driveway. Remember that strip of grass I mentioned? It is now a muddy pit, and they track mud all over our driveway. Now their youngest kids (age 2-3) drive their little power-wheels onto our back porch/driveway and get mud all over it, too. They also scuff and dent our garage doors and siding. If we go outside while they are doing this, the adults will fuss at them to get back over in their own yard. But whenever they think we’re not home, the kids seem to do as they please.

Plus, the kid who got sent to juvy is back and with him comes booming bass music (with such great lyrics as "F--- the police") most afternoons. My husband works nights, and it wakes him up. It gets so loud that the floors vibrate and one time everything in our house was shaking. And when that's not going, they are loudly cursing one another, or blaring a car horn for no apparent reason. This is very frustrating when my husband and dd are trying to sleep. They will turn the music down if we ask, but in a day or two it will be back.

So, I'm not sure how to deal with this anymore. When we speak to them about the problems, they are nice enough, but it only stops it temporarily. I'm worried about further property damage occurring and/or what will happen if one of our uninvited guests gets hurt on our property. I don't want call the police all the time over relatively petty stuff. I also think it's quite unfair for us to have to put thousands of dollars into a fence when WE are being respectful of others. Any (legal) ideas? Thanks.


Um, Ed Fox, please READ posts before responding to them. I don't respect responses from people who don't have enough respect to read my post! Fences are expensive. Plus offensive music turned up so loud it rattles my walls is not acceptable ANYTIME of the day!

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    First of all have your siding and all other damage repaired. Take them the bill, and if they don't pay it go to Small Claims Court. You do not need an attorney for this, the cost is minimal, and you can recover the court costs in your case. While it may seem petty, call the police EVERY time there is a disturbance of your peace or obvious tress passing. If they own the home or not doesn't matter, most areas have a "nuisance property law" That means that the people are a nuisance and that after xxxx number of complaints the property can be taken over by the city for xxxx years. In our area it's 5 complaints in 1 year and the property is city owned for 1 year. Check with your local authorities to get the ordinances for your area. This is the only solution I can think of other than a privacy fence, which you do not want, and it still wouldn't stop the noise. I had a similar problem in the past, and thethreat of maintaining their house while not being able to live there while it was city owned stopped the problem. By the way, if there's a problem after the initial year--they loose the property permanently.

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    I read your post and I agree that the fence is expensive and you are being respectful. But it all boils down to this-how long can you deal with all this stress ? If you put up the fence that will solve the problem of the kids damaging your property ( i would hope ) and you could possibly have the neighbor pay for 1/2 cost of fence. Other than that the next step would be to hire an attorney and have him/her contact your neighbors but that may bring about a bad attitude with the neighbor which is okay if you have the stamina to deal with that. I feel for you because the parents are not doing their job and you have been way too nice. Hope something works for you & your husband.

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    yes, fences are expensive, so is the peace of mind. if i were u i would invest all my money in a very high fence. i have a yard ALL surrounded by fence - front and back - i can not be happier. and about that music - u will not be able to do anything with that. and police will not help u either cos he is listening it during day time. want better advice? move. or get 2 huge all the time barking dogs - feed them their own medicine

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    No disrespect, but did you think about putting a fence up?

    People are kind of allowed to play music during the day and go about their normal lives. You cannot expect people to live in silence simply because your husband works nights.

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    Hmmmm tough situation, I'd be really pissed if they damaged my property...can you ask to put up a fence and split the costs 50/50? If they are tenants, contact the owner of the property....

    If not, you might have to look into legal means (courts and lawyers)...

    Scary situation...

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    It sounds intolerable. I think you should move and next time find out if your neighbors are trailer trash before moving.

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