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Photoshop lightroom 3.6?

I have all of the editing down... I just cannot figure out how to save my photo's so that I can put them in a file and view them outside of photoshop lightroom. All of this catalog and metafile stuff is confusing to me. I work at a picture place that is about to get this program and I wanted to use it too... little did I know it was this complex... every tutorial I have seen online is for apple computers and I have a sony intel pentium with windows vista.... help.

Please someone just give me a play by play of how to save my pictures to a file and access them... explain it step by step PLEASE.

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  • Nahum
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    9 years ago
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    When you're in the Library, you can select pictures to Export (right-click > Export). This will make JPEG copies in any folder you choose, also allowing you to make fundamental edits such as resizing or renaming. The JPEGs will have all the edits you've added since import. The original images are never altered.

    You can also send files to edit in Photoshop, if it is installed.

    Aside from some minor differences in interface (Mac keyboard vs PC keyboard), the program should work mostly the same on either OS.

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