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Did Obama love Saul Alinsky because he worshipped Satan & looked forward going to HeII?

Alinsky said he would choose to go to hell and start organizing there.

He dedicated books to Satan.

Is that why YES WE CAN backwards sounds like Thank you Satan?

If Obama wins again how many people in Illinois will by 666 number lottery tickets- because last time he won that night those were the pick 3 numbers- No joke!

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  • Paula
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    9 years ago
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    I think so

    At least one will

  • Feivel
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    9 years ago

    Ok, well first. I am conservative and do not like Obama but Alinksy did that in his book "Rules for Radicals" because he appeared to subscribe to the xtian view of satan as "the first radical who struggled and lost his kingdom". It was probaby little more than a selling point and something to try to get people talking about his book as in "any press is good press". "Yes we can sounds like "thank yous satan". Umm....no

    As for the 666 lottery ticket thing well...seriously?! First of all 666 does not stand for satan. 666 is stood for Nero.

    I think you are a little too obsessed with the xtian fire and brimstone vision of satan (which is not accurate by the way). If you do not like Obama then concentrate on what policies of his you do not like and work to have someone else elected in November. Implying that somehow 666 was a sign that Obama was satan or a sign to the people of the US that we elected the wrong guy is probably a view that will get you written off as a nutcase.

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