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what are 3 of the laws passed during FDR's first 100 days?

i know there are 15 but if you could describe at least 3 that would be nice

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    The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) to help improve the infrastructure, programs for the arts, so the starving artists among us wouldn't really starve, and the repeal of prohibition, to increase his popularity, considering very few actually supported the amendment by 1933.

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    Both made federal gov't power grabs beyond their scope of authority. Both are using the failed Keynesian policies rather than proven supply side economics. Recall FDR had to stack the court to get his scams through stacking the court. President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to expand the Court in 1937; his plan would have allowed the President to appoint one additional Justice for each existing Justice who reached the age of 70 years 6 months but did not retire from the bench, until the Court reached a maximum size of fifteen justices. Ostensibly, the proposal was made to ease the burdens of the docket on the elderly judges, but the President's actual purpose was to add Justices who would favor his New Deal policies, which had been regularly ruled unconstitutional by the Court.[8] This plan, usually called the "Court-packing Plan," failed in Congress. The Court, however, gradually acquiesced to Roosevelt's New Deal programs and thereby removed the President's need to alter it. In any case, Roosevelt's unprecedented tenure in the White House allowed him to appoint eight Justices total to the Supreme Court (second only to George Washington) and to promote one Associate Justice to Chief Justice.[9]

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