Does Fresh Painting Repel Cockroaches?

I have always heard that when you paint a room or an apartment, the odor of fresh paint will repel cockroaches for a little while, like maybe a month or two, tops.

Is this true, or a myth?

Just wondering, as I am painting my aprtment...


I live in NYC in an old brownstone connected to dozens of other old brownstones... getting "rid" of cockroaches is unlikely. I do boric acid & Combat regularly... I was just wondering about the smell of new paint.

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    9 years ago
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    I've never heard of that before. I know that Diatomaceious Earth is a really good way to get rid of roaches. My friend used it to get rid of his bedbug problem & in his research he said it gets rid of roaches as well.

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    Cockroach Painting

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    I know this thread is really old. I found this by search "Why do roaches like paint".

    Interesting, I'm a maintenance man and paint quite a bit. The vacant property I'm working on had a pretty bad roach problem when I started a month ago. Maybe it's because they're hungry as there has been no food available for them to eat. But I thought they were gone, but whenever I paint, they come out by the droves and go straight to the paint, like theyre drinking it. Weird!

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    Sounds like a myth to me. Cockroaches may stay of walls for awhile, then I question that. A new paint job is only temperary solultion anyway.

    Go with the myth and have someone come in exterminate. Cockroaches look for food. Don't think a new paint job will do anything to stop them.

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