What do you all think of the Obama birth certificate thing?

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Apparently it's a confirmed fake now.


Yolo, if he had nothing to hide, why fake the document? Think deeper.

Update 2:

Why are you guys thumbsing people down for their opinions? I was just curious, Jefe. I live in Canada, no judgement. Just seems a bit risky letting a foreigner run your Country, especially since it seems like (from afar) that he's doing his best to drive it into the ground. Call me paranoid, but in my lifetime I have never seen the US in such a dire financial situation.

Update 3:

And for him to go that far out of his way to fake something to this extent, however drastically, when Clinton did a great job and all he lied to the people about was a blow-J makes me even more uneasy.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I guess i'm a little happier I didn't vote for him. I think the nay-sayers can shove it, too. The investigation set out to prove everything was legitimate!

    Oh btw, i'm making myself a certificate now so I can run for president! Anyone who wants into the cabinet pm me and i'll make you one too!!!!!

    @Yolo - You're right. It's not a big deal. It's only illegal. It's only the white house and our freakin president lying to us. It's only socialism creeping in..........go back to sleep. illegal is now synonymous with wrong? If you'll note my wording, my implication was that our own president is committing illegal acts. Does the gravity of that not concern you? Assuming you are an American citizen, does it not grieve you in the least to find that your own president(which was once quite an honorable title) is unabashedly hiding things from you? The fact that you're willing to place bigger emphasis on IR marriage and drugs than who is running the country says something I think. If you look into it a little more, the investigation also revealed that his selective service paperwork wasn't even turned in properly. I guess if there was a war and you were running for president, small things like serving the country would get in the way. I suppose I would call that "wrong".

  • 9 years ago

    I honestly don't care where he was born. That's the most insignificant thing ever. I don't care if a president is gay, racist, wants to burn puppies alive, whatever. So long as his policies are inline with my views I don't care what he personally believes, it's about how he acts.

    @ Tiff - Why does it matter? I'm not saying he didn't fake it, but who gives a $#*#? I don't even particularly like the guy, and am voting for Ron Paul.

    @ Sk8er - Illegal doesn't mean wrong. IR marriage was illegal for a LONG time. Drugs are STILL illegal. I don't know how you can say legality means everything, when it clearly doesn't mean what's right and wrong in many circumstances.

  • Eos
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    9 years ago

    I'm sick of people bringing up this man's birth certificate. Why is it okay for a state to elect a non-American governor and everyone's cool with it, but it's such a must-know with our president?

    {{Please answer Jefe Grande, I too, would like to know what fcking difference it makes.. Especially now that his term is almost over.}}

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i was supesious(?) to start with,i mean he never even wanted to show it to start with.but unfortunately this will go nowhere since the gov always has the upper hand in everything

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  • 9 years ago

    yo, his daddys from africa, mommas from hawaii...

    yes i know... we got a foreigner running our country, and...

    hes not doing the best job

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