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Why did Mitt Romney's wife say she doesn't consider herself wealthy?

Mitt said she drives a couple of Cadillacs and they only own 7 beautiful homes and her husband is only worth over 200 million. mitt only makes 60k a day and only has a few millions in the caymans and swiss bank accounts. who are they trying to fool? they have more then anyone in the race now.

does she act like shes a middle class citizen to like mitt does? mitt doesn't wear suits anymore like in 08, he wears plad shirts and mom jeans with his sleeves rolled up.


they are so awkward downplaying their wealth and the big rich donors running his campaign. out of touch.

Update 2:

i guess people wonder why its class warfare, especially how he made his money killing jobs and still benefits from it everyday with his 13% tax rate that he wants even lower.

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    It was a silly thing to say. Maybe she was implying that she doesn't feel special because she has a lot of money. That she is no better than anyone else. Which is a good thing.

    I couldn't care less how much money they have or how many Cadillacs they have.

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    in case you're able to care to take heed to the completed quote she reported that she unearths her riches interior the pals and family contributors that she has thinking the failings she has had to bypass by way of. Mitt's spouse Ann is a breast maximum cancers survivor and at the instant has MS. the two you rather are chilly heartless partisan or you're only unwell-counseled. i'm hoping for the latter.

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    She's attempting to portray an image to which average Americans can relate. It's awkward, because we all know that the Romney family is very, very wealthy. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but it is very much separate from the experience of the average American.

    They shouldn't try to pretend to be "one of us" when they're really not. They'd be better off to just stick to the issues and campaign on their ideas, because they will never be relatable to average Americans.

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    8 years ago

    She spends a lot of time with people who have much more money than she does. Maybe she honestly believes she isn't rich.

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    8 years ago

    Is a Mitt's wife know who here husband is or his name ? or she is Flip Flapping like that man who was F...g here long time a go.. maybe that is a problem, maybe she can gait lade and it develop memory problems ? Do she know who is she ?

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    8 years ago

    Rich people can't comprehend the reality of average people.

    Lmao @ the mom jeans!Spot on bro.

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    She is not wealthy when she compares herself to the Rockefeller's, Trump, Buffet or Bill Gates. So she is not lying but she would be if she was comparing herself to us.,

  • 8 years ago

    Why not ask her yourself?

    Most rich people are humble.

    As are Obama and his wife. As are the Pelosi's, the Reids', the Kennedys'......and so on, and so on and scoobiey doobie doobie!

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    8 years ago

    well, Mitt says she only has two cadillacs, doesn't everyone?

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