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For the Christians trying to "convert" us Atheists...?

It's clear that Christians want to convert the "non-believers" and ask them to "find it in their hearts to make room for Him". I get that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being informed about the Christian religion.

Why all the hate towards us?

Christians, if I recall from bible school, are to accept others for who they are and what they believe in, even if their beliefs differ from the Christians. There is a big difference between "I understand your beliefs, and here is an explanation of my beliefs so you can take it into consideration" and "You are all stupid and ignorant, so convert to Christianity".

There are far too many questions in Yahoo Answers trying to prove Atheists wrong in their belief of not believing in any God. I have never seen so many rants on evolution, fossil records, origins of life and the universe, when there is so much evidence supporting it. A principle belief in science is that true scientists never ignore paranormal, supernatural, or religious explanations to an event; rather, they perform tests to find the best explanation for it. This isn't to say that the event wasn't paranormal, or supernatural, or "the work of God"; it just means we don't understand it.

Atheists aren't "stupid"; we just believe in something different. If you want us to even CONSIDER converting, you need to gain our respect; else, we'll just continue to have this never-ending battle.

Rant if you must, because I really want to know why all this hate and degradation and trying to prove science wrong, etc. Don't sugarcoat the truth, nor should you be hesitant in explaining your beliefs.


EDIT: So glad to finally have some decent answers, from both sides. No "hate" or "stupid" or anything like that. I do agree that Christians aren't the only ones trying to "prove" Atheists wrong; I've seen plenty of Atheists try to "prove" the Christians wrong. I just see the "proving Christians wrong" in more answers than questions. I don't normally look into the religious section, but I always find myself drawn to the questions for Atheists and Christians and laugh at the simple idea that both sides are trying to disprove the other. There's a huge lack of respect that does need to be addressed.

Update 2:

@somebodysson: A perfectly reasonable argument, that Atheism is in itself a religion. Religion does, however, require worship (by D1 definition), and if we don't believe in God, who do we worship?

@DaveD: I do realize that many Christians believe in the theory of evolution. I was a bit general in mentioning that. Perhaps if I include the ideas that God watched over the progress of evolution after his creation, as well as the idea that all living things came from a prokaryotic cell, this could help a bit?

@Cody: I really like your statement of "any spiritual belief is simply a tool for life direction". I share that belief too; I choose to believe what I believe because I do not believe Christianity will be helpful in steering my life the way I think it should.

@Mariana: Thank you. I was born into a Christian family (Roman Catholic), and your beliefs are definitely something I remember learning while I attended church.

Update 3:

@NEVER SUBMIT: One-sentence answers regarding religion should not be given, I agree. Christianity is a very diverse and expansive religion, and through over 2000 years of Bible translations, it is assumed that misconceptions do exist in the religion, some being more destructive than others. Your answer makes a lot of sense to me, so thank you for taking both sides into consideration. I'll be sure to contact you if I think of other questions regarding the faith.

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    As one who has been on YA almost from the beginning I can tell you that there is not enough space allowed by YA to properly respond to your concerns.... And I will also tell you that you have some very basic misconceptions about who and what True Christians are..... I admit that many professing to be christian behave in the manner you cite... and... sadly, many True Christians also.

    A True Christian should know that it is not our job to "convert" any one... that is God's business... we are to assist those God converts...

    as to Christians supposed to be "accepting" as you state it, of others "beliefs".... that is not the case... A True Christian will never "accept" any "belief" that is in opposition to The Word and Will of God for man-kind... we will not go to war over it... unless... the other seeks to impose their "beliefs".. and a True Christian knows that The Word and Will of God is not to be imposed upon anyone not already in willing submission to Him.

    I know of no True Christian who is opposed to "science"... what we are opposed to is the forced submission to the religion of science that too many have fallen victim to..... all any honest science is, is the attempt by man to understand what God has provided for us all... and to learn how to use what God has provided for the betterment of all of man-kind...

    and..... no one of The True Christian Faith is to "hate" any one... though we can hate concepts and actions that are against The Word and Will of God for man-kind... those are from the enemies of God and ar to be opposed..... but we are not to hate the individual

    Pages and volumes could be... and have been... written about each of the subjects I have responded to.... if you can not accept what I have written................ if you want one sentence responses... you will never even come close to comprehending the source of The True Christians Faith.... that is why it is God's business to convert you.... if that is his will.... and not mine.....

    If you have any honest questions concerning the basics of The True Church and True Christian Faith feel free to contact me........

    Source(s): The Truth... and God's promise to me in the instant of my salvation
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    You know, I cannot recall seeing any Christian using the words "you are stupid". Certainly I have seen plenty where they pointed out a particular belief as being inane or illogical. However, atheists calling Christians "stupid" for their beliefs are a dime a dozen.

    And once again you focus on evolution vs. creation despite the fact that close to 94% of all Christians believe in evolution. So why can you not see that trying to use something that the vast majority of Christians believe in to "put down" Christianity is a total lie. You talk about "truth", but all you say are lies.

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    you're right when you say

    "Christians are to accept others for who they are and what they believe in, even if their beliefs differ from the Christians.

    There is a big difference between "I understand your beliefs, and here is an explanation of my beliefs so you can take it into consideration" and "You are all stupid and ignorant, so convert to Christianity""

    it's not supposed to be a fight for who is right and wrong, and many people who do fight it to the death have been mislead by their church leaders to believe that they are right and just in doing so

    but it's not what Jesus would have done and a true christian would know that and know that the meaning of being a christian is to follow in the path of christ and to be humble as he was.

    personally i'm a devote Christian and pretty set in my ways

    but i still like understanding people and how they see things and how they came to be where they are in their beliefs

    i don't try to change people or their beliefs

    will i throw in what i believe and what has made me believe it? sure why not

    but will i try to shove it down your throat and tell you, your damned if you don't? never

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    I don't think atheist are stupid. I think they either have not met Jesus as Lord and Savior or they have flat out rejected Him. Please dear atheist keep in mind that not everyone who claims Christian really is Christian. As for me and myself I do believe in science. What I don't believe for any moment of any time is that the earth is an accident. What I don't believe is that we came from a big cosmic bang. Science explains how trees grow, or the life cycle of a cat. Science explains the climate zones in the mountains vs in the planes.

    If you want to know if it is my personal agenda to have you as an atheist "get religion" then you are sadly mistaken. However if I can introduce you to my best friend Jesus, then please let me. If I can take the stigma out of your mind that Christians follow blindly what the Bible says and don't try and get proof for any of it, then I am sorry. I have myself grown up Christian and I love it when I come across new things that prove the Bible to be correct.

    Now to address the full extent of your question the lack of respect isn't just between Christians and atheist. For example. I am Seventh Day Adventist. I see other Adventist post questions that really push the Sabbath. Sometimes I feel that the Sabbath questions on here are trying to pick a fight between Saturday keeping Christians and Sunday Christians. I've asked a few questions about the Sabbath myself, but try to keep the number of questions I asked about Sabbath very low. Another example of lack of respect on this form is the Christians who believe in "once saved always saved" vs the Christians who don't believe that.

    I have been making an effort, (can't rightly say I've perfected it but trying) to ask questions to make me understand. When I am fairly sure I will never agree with the answer but want to learn anyways, I try and word the questions to not cause a fight, but rather have verbiage that will help me understand. A good example of this is I am not Catholic and don't believe in praying to Mary a dead person. However, I have once or twice have questioned the Catholics over this with the mind set of help me understand. More recently I have posted a question to the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons asking them to explain to me in their own words why they are called cults. Cult is a term I dearly hate by the way.

    Source(s): Seventh Day Adventist Christian
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    Athiests and Christians or whatever religion or belief one may believe in, there is normally a reason for it. I was athiest for over 10 years before I turned to God. While I was Athiest I never disrespected any Christian, my belief was that religion was only for people who felt they needed it. Whether they needed direction or guidance in their life, it was what they needed to make it through life. At the time I felt I was strong enough to control my own afflictions and did not need any guidance.

    But now that I nearly ruined my marriage and lost my daughter because of my porn/ sexual addiction, I feel that I can no longer have the control in my life that myself or others had given me before. Every time I tried to stop or get better, it came back tenfold. Self control was no longer enough to stop the urge. The devil is too strong to fight by yourself. So through talking to others who have gone through similar afflictions in their lives I realized I needed something more to help me, and belief in Christ is the answer.

    It may not be everyone's answer. Like I said before, I still believe that any spiritual belief is simply a tool for life direction. And in my point in life, I needed better direction than what I could give myself. If you feel that you have the strength in yourself and do not need direction, then you don't need any spiritual belief.

    EDIT: It's not so much about truths and how the universe came to be, science, or the bloody birth of Christianity. That is all physical and material, and in the end, none of that matters. Its a belief that no matter how weak, how afflicted you are, you will be forgiven, if you truly believe that what you have done or who you are is wrong. Repent in your sins and you will be reborn.

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    I'm a Christian and I don't hate Atheists. I respect what Atheists believe in. I'm always striving to learn as much as I can, so I love to read anything about science. I may be Christian, but I also believe in evolution. My dad is an Atheist but I respect that. We have a healthy relationship together and we always like to debate about religion. But we respect each others belief and in no way try to change the others mind.

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    If I can be serious for once, I think the issue they have is the fact that both "sides" enjoy perpetuating the idea that the other is full of nothing but ranting loons. It doesn't really matter who starts it, but there's Christians and atheists on this board who are, I imagine, quite fed up with the childish behavior some from "the other side" displays; which is likely a response to somebody else's childish behavior, who is a result of another's, and etc, etc.. it's a perpetual cycle of cynical snark that doesn't end.

    So when Christians look at atheists they say "those arrogant know-it-all atheists", and we look at them like "narrow-minded dipsh!ts". But, what do you expect from the internet? ;)

    Edit: Can't believe I got a down thumb for being fair and honest in regards to both sides of the fence. The truth really must hurt some people or something.

    Source(s): Why do you think some of my answers are flippant? ;)
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    right, so put down that wt and aw magazines and read real hard core science:

    A Fine-Tuned Universe—By Chance?One major question has to do with the fine-tuning of our cosmos. Why is the universe equipped with fixed physical laws and with natural constants that are precisely and ideally suited to support a planet like ours and all the life on it?

    What do we mean by fine-tuning? Consider, for instance, the precise settings of four fundamental physical forces: electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force.* These forces affect every object in the universe. They are set and balanced so precisely that even slight changes could render the universe lifeless.

    The weak nuclear force keeps our sun burning at a steady rate

    The strong nuclear force binds the nucleus of atoms together

    Gravity is responsible for keeping objects on the earth

    Electromagnetism is the force behind lightning

    If these four forces were not precisely tuned and

    balanced, no life would be possible

    Source(s): psalm 83:18
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    8 years ago

    The overwhelming majority of atheists on this section are here only to insult and harass the religious. People come here to seek advice from those of the same faith, and atheists intrude by insulting them.

    Often times, the insults are extremely disrespectful. If atheists left us alone and stopped coming onto this section, Christians wouldn't retaliate.

    I am not condoning either side, (Christians who are hateful are in the wrong here as well) but you seem to be asking a rather foolish question. It's like you're following someone around and constantly talking to them, bothering them, etc, and when they get upset you turn the table and claim they have poor character.

    Source(s): Catholic
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    I am a Christian and do not hate you or anyone, though I don’t like a lot of what is said and done by those who are not Christians. I also don’t like the actions of those who say they are Christians but spread false doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Real Bible faith always results in a changed life and in good works (Ep. 2:10; Tit. 3:8; 2 Co. 5:17; 1 Jn. 3:1-3). Those who profess to believe in Christ, but whose lives remain unaffected by their profession, do not have the type of faith required for salvation.

    I also see many posts here stating that Christians are all stupid and ignorant. Of these posts I don’t know how many are from Christians or Atheists. I believe there are many of both. Needless to say that doesn’t make it right.

    You state “There are far too many questions in Yahoo Answers trying to prove Atheists wrong in their belief of not believing in any God.” I believe this goes both ways.

    When I answer questions here I attempt to back up what I am saying with scripture, as I believe it is truly the word of God. If you or anyone else wants to believe that or not it is your choice.

    I couldn’t make you believe anything you don’t want to believe. We are accused of pushing our beliefs down you throats. I would never attempt that. I believe it is my duty to tell others of the Gospel and of salvation, but to force it onto anyone that is impossible.

    Yes I will tell you and everyone else that I believe man’s part in salvation is to believe in Jesus Christ (Jn. 3:16; 6:28-29). What does this mean? In the English Bible, the Greek word commonly translated "believe" (pisteuo) is also translated "commit to one's trust" (Lk. 16:11; Jn. 2:24; Ro. 3:2; 1 Co. 9:17; Ga. 2:7; 1 Th. 2:4; 1 Ti. 1:11; Tit. 1:3). This is the basic meaning of believing in Christ. It means to commit myself to Him, to fully trust Him for salvation. It means to believe in such a way that I actually turn away from sin and idols and false religion to receive Jesus Christ as my only Lord and Savior.

    I don’t want anyone that I have ever had the opportunity to tell this to and didn’t end up going to Hell.

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