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How long after your hysterectomy did you wait to exercise?

I had a emergency csec and hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. Im 24 so i am healing fast but still very weak. Ive been making sure to rest alot and not do too much. Breastfeeding has been helping me lose weight ive lost 35 so far but have 30 more to go. I know i need to just rest the first 6 weeks and allow my body to heal im just wondering when you finally felt good enough to start doing alittle exercise?

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    Your body has gone through a traumatic experience...a C-section AND hysterectomy. I'd venture a guess something went wrong with delivery, necessitating a hysterectomy.

    You've obviously had an abdominal incision..& that can take a while to heal. At 3 weeks, your just about half-way there to returning to normal activities, IF your doctor says it's ok.

    Take each day at a time. Today, you likely feel better than you did yesterday. Tomorrow, you'll feel better than you did today, etc.

    If you aren't sure of anything...don't do it. The best person to get advice from is your doctor.

    All the best for your healing!!!

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