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Do Muslims ever criticize Islam?

And I don't mean along the lines of, "Well, Islam doesn't have as many modern gadgets like the West does but we have a much deeper religious life."

I mean along the lines of, "It is true that Muslim women don't have equal rights."

-The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) includes GEM (gender empowerment measurement) which reveals that women suffer “a glaring deficit” in women’s empowerment. Among regions of the world the Arab region ranks next to last as measured by GEM.

Or, "We should stop female genital mutilation."

-2/08 United Nations Report ( Mainly in Muslims nations, over 130 million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM (Female Genital Mutilation); each year 2 million girls are subjected to FGM.

Or, "I sometimes wonder why Muslims are always fighting non-Muslims."

-Google search “civil wars in the world” then research each individual civil war and you will find one common combatant in 90% of them: Muslim extremists. Muslims are involved in civil wars in China, Russia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Indonesia-Ambon & Halmarhera, Côte d'Ivoire, Kashmir, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Kirghizia, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Azerbaijan and East Timor. Muslims fight against Zoroastrians, Copts, Hindus, Jews, Christians, animists, communists, Buddhists, Sikhs, pagans – against all non-Muslim nations and cultures.

Is their entire life built around an unquestioning smiley-face "Islam is a religion of peace!"? Have they no capacity to evaluate Islam, to criticize it?

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    I am roman catholic

    and at my church meetings I openly criticise my catholic faith and its bureaucracy

    because it is healthy to openly admit our catholic mistakes

    Ramadan is so will never never ever get any muslim to agree with any criticism similar to a women saying sorry...(they never do) lol

    Why oh why are muslims programmed ..never to feel free to express their true feelings

    Is it because they will be sent to their buddies on ramadan ?

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    Yes, believe it or not some criticize it and a few even apostatize like myself. :) Just to clarify, Chechens aren't fighting a civil war, they're fighting a war for independence. They're descendants of the Vainakhs who populated the area in ancient times and they were colonized by the Russians in the nineteenth century. The Russians are so brutal and hypocritical that they even call the tiny Kiril Islands of Japan which they occupied after World War II an 'integral' part of Russia.

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    No they don't because if they did they would get killed. You know that muslims want to take away the right of speech in non-muslims countries so that we can't blaspheme? Mohammed's law: Love my satanic cult, or else...



  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, they do not question Islam. Once you start, you can't stop and it would lead to apostasy. They don't want to be killed, so they continue to follow the non-religion that allows them to kill. I think most Muslims would be relieved if Islam was banned. It would give them the out they so desperately want.

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    I think Salman Rushdie (Satanic Verses)

    must be the most well known Muslim,who qualifies for this category.

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    Muslims never criticize Islam......Islam is the "RELIGION OF PEACE" and Muslims do accept this FACT because it provides them peace individually and in worldly matters just once listen Quran in a room alone and then you will come to know that it really provides peace and satisfaction deep inside...!..Once meditate on the religion dear, your heart will accept its truthfulness...:)

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    we have a user here called "waitaminute" and he or she used to jump from section to section to criticize islam.......we don't like to waste our time here...sorry

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    8 years ago

    How can we criticize something perfect?

    Just because by your standards women are treated bad doesn't make it true.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think there are criticizers in all religions.

    But to publicly admit that you have criticism in a church or a mosque is socially unacceptable.

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