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How to get the smell of a dead rat out of my car?

So a couple of days ago while on vacation a rat crawled up my cars engine and got jammed in the AC vents. I removed the cabin filter and disposed of the carcass, but the smell of death is still heavily lingering in the car I can't even turn the AC/heater on or keep the vents open. I sprayed the filter area and replaced the cabin filter but the smell wont go away. I've tried Fabreeze and perfumes and those air vent clip on air fresherners. I can't leave the windows down over night to air the car out since I'm on vacation and don't have a safe place to park my car with the windows down like I would back home in the garage. I don't know what else to try to get rid of the smell. We have to drive back cross country in a few days and I need the smell gone so I can at least turn the AC or heater or defogger on during the drive. Can someone please help me?!? I really need the smell gone! It makes me nauseous and bothers my toddler as well. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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    I worked for a man with a auto body shop in my youth. He had bought a almost new Cadillac that had a serious problem, a man had chose to "end it all" in the drivers seat. He was there for almost a week before he was found. After pulling the seats carpet and padding, there was a "aroma" that was more than a little over powering. I thought the car was a waste and he should part it out and cut his losses. He had some experience in this area and had an unusual solution. He placed a bowel of buttermilk on the floor and closed the door for a couple of days. The difference was amazing! It worked so much better than I though it would. I've used this solution a couple of times in the past and it really works! You might think there would be a sour milk smell left behind, but there wasn't. More of a lemon smell....

    Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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    Wow, I have the exact same problem, the rats crawled into my engine, chewed up the wires and now the check engine light will not go off, even after being inspected. The smell is horrendous, but my friend came up with the bright idea of mothballs. It worked for a while, but has now become unbearable. Id say keep the wondows down until you can get it professionally cleaned inside amd out.

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    Well for any bad smells in my car i use half an apple to get rid of them... First close the doors n windows cut an appl and leave it in your car over night and then the smell shuld be gone by morning

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    Buy an OZONE GENERATOR. These devices are used to rid houses of smoke damage & other odors. Research it first so you feel comfortable with the information & if possible watch a demonstration.

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