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Map of Imperialism in East Asia?

what was owned by the british, the french, the dutch, and the spanish? please help!

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    the british: what is now India, Pakistan, Bhutan , Nepal,Sri Lanka, Maldives, Burma, Malaysia Singapore, Hong Kong and Brunai,

    the French :was indochina , now Cambodia,Vietnam and Laos, and a couple of small spots in India

    the Spanish: the Phillipines

    dutch: Indonesia

    Portugal, several holdings in India, including Goa Daman and Diu as well as a few others, Macau and East Timor

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    Imperialism is defined as: "the introduction and upkeep of an unequal financial, cultural and territorial relationship, frequently between states and oftentimes contained in the form of an empire, consistent with domination and subordination." In Palestine you have the ecu Jews dominating by way of discriminatory regulations, protection rigidity rigidity the middle jap Palestinians. There are Jews basically housing initiatives, Jews basically Roads etc. Jews ought to purchase land, Non-jews won't be able to. Non-jews protecting identify to the land are routinely killed or compelled off their land so as that the ecu and a becoming type of yank Jews can set up settlements. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict by way of definition is Zionist Imperialism.

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