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A nitrogen atom has 7 protons, 7 neutrons, and 7 electrons. MORE INFO?

Okay so I was supposed to make a labeled drawing of this which I did. Now I need to know how this atom can become stable. I looked it up on google and looked through the chapter I'm in and I couldn't find the answer. Please help! Thank you! :)

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    It can become stable by binding with three more electrons. It has 5 electrons in its outer electron orbit (valence shell). Valence shells at this point like to have 8 electrons, which is where they are most stable. So instead of removing 5 electrons to have a full valence shell, it will add 3 electrons to have a full valence shell.

    For example, if nitrogen (N) binds with three hydrogen (H) atoms, you will get ammonia (NH3). Here it is much more stable than alone as a N atom. It can also bind with itself (N2) to form a diatomic element and make itself more stable. In nature, it exists in the air as N2 rather than N because N2 is more stable.

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