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Blackberry or Iphone?

Uses: Scottrade Mobile, Wells Fargo Mobile, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Power Point

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    If you need a phone for work, get your company to pay for a Blackberry. But Blackberries have proven no more secure as hackers compromised QNX twice within weeks of security releases, and with the BBM outages it hasn't proven to be reliable.

    iPhone also has a seamless and much easier to use messaging system. Instead of needing a code like BBM, it automatically senses whether a device has iMessage and runs seamlessly through the regular MMS app.

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    The Blackberry is between the terrific creations interior the international, in my view. i might elect the Blackberry Curve because of the fact this is versatile, seems unquestionably sleek and remarkable. additionally the reveal seems to be larger and the qwerty keyboard is great. It additionally contains 3.2mp. i'm to not prepared on the purple Blackberry Pearl with the aid of layout and the incontrovertible fact that i haven't used it. The iPhone is a great telephone for game enthusiasts however the touch reveal keyboard does get very stressful after a at an identical time as. It is likewise definitely breakable while the Blackberry's are greater good. the image high quality is okay, however for versatility not plenty happening. you will get great pictures yet not various of a suited telephone which you have the skill to apply for relaxing and correctly as enterprise.

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    I would steer you away from the iphones

    4s because it has battery drainage problems:

    Even Steve Wozniak, co-founder of apple says the same thing and that siri is glitchy:

    And this is an Apple Legend saying this so you know it has to be bad.

    the 4 drops calls and is not recommended by Consumer Reports:

    Furthermore, with iphone you do not get Adobe Flash which is required to view videos on many websites, it is a common complaint among iphone users. Plus you cannot expand memory with iphone if you run out of space but with android you just add a card up to 32gb and you're good to go.

    You get more free apps with android, for example angry birds is free with android whereas you have to buy it with apple, or use their "free" version which has a big ad blocking part of the screen getting in the way of gameplay.

    Android phones are usually superior in technical specs, faster and more customizable. It is the smarter choice, that is why it leads the global market in smartphones today even with apple selling a lot of their iphones cheap or free.

    And despite the Woz saying iphones are easier to use, ANYONE can use android, he had to say SOMETHING nice about apple lol.

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    Y u know iPhone Pwns BlackBerry

    Unless u r a boooooring desk worker

    Source(s): Steve Jobs approves this message lol
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    Blackberry= for work

    iPhone= fun and play

    Plain and simple

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    Iphone is best and fantastic featured phone...

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    iphone for everythang

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