Crazy things to do for a summer scavenger hunt?

Ok so this summer me and a crap load of high schoolers in my city and alot of my friends are doing this giant scavenger hunt that takes place durring the entire summer and we need more things to do for it. We just started the idea and we have about 100 people so far but we really need some ideas. Here are the rules:

This Is A Summer Long Event, You Will Have Teams Of 7 ( Unless We Have 150 People Doing It Then It Will Be Teams Of 10 You Have The List, You Will Get Points For Everything That You Do On There The Team With The Most Points Wins A Prize!Every Task On The List Will Have A Specfic Point Vaule. And You Will Be Filmming Everything You Do Well What You Want Points For. And You Will Submit All Your Films On Midnight Of August 4th, To A Select Team Of Judges, And They Will Deliberate For A Week Then Announce A Winner. The Prize Has Not Been Decided Yet Though It Will BE WORTH IT. The Teams Will Consist Of

■One Captain

■One Driver

■One Filmer

■And The Rest Team Members.

You Will Have From June 9th. To August 4th To Complete The Task's On This List.If Any Questions Are NOT Answered In This. Please Contact Cheyanne Stamper.Or Joey Covey.

Oh btw this is what we have so far as a list of what were doing.

1) Skinny Dip in a public pool

2) Feed a homeless guy *bonus like a baby*

3) Get kicked out of a grocery store

4) One drive thru prank

5) Take two road signs *bonus bigger the better*

6) Throw an EPIC party

7) Smack a random person *** *bonus same sex*

8) Order from fast food pay in change must over $10

9) Walk into store in just underwear

10) Walk...

And were just a bunch of high schoolers so we'll do anything pretty much like whats above.Thanks guys!!!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Go up to a random person and say squeeze me then wink and run away yelling "I'm a banana!!!"

  • 3 years ago

    yell matters at the streets like, Eliza! or... Anakin Skywalker is scorching! -- simply ensure you dont get arrested. Oh and in addition prank name a few men and women. And devour plenty of ice cream. And play up the tune loud at your residence, increase increase increase.

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