Mitt Romney is a "vulture capitalist",, fact or hype?

The main reason I don't like Mitt is I don't trust him,, I just have a feeling that his top priority in life is stuffing money into his pockets. When he talks it seems like he stutters on every word because he has to think about not getting caught up in any lies,, also he seems nervous, it's like the thought alone of all the money he can stuff into his pockets if he becomes president is almost hard for him to handle.... It's like when a man just wants to have sex with a woman so he says whatever he thinks the woman wants to hear, even though the woman might think he seems nice and looks good she still won't sleep with him because she gets the feeling that he might just be a jerk the next day.

So my question is - - - - - - can anyone give me some FACTS that show if Mitt can be trusted or not ,, mainly focusing on his history with bain capital more so than his flip flopping on issues,,thou that is important as well but i can look up the flip flop history - - - I saw the first couple minutes of "when romney came to town" i get the point, but is this just a small representation of what he did at bain or is that pretty much what he does ????

thanks ! links and facts are appreciated.


@brotherofladyjustice - - dont know much about the movement, but i saw the first 2 movies,,, the first one was just a compilation of other peoples work, i actually had the book the christ conspiracy years before zeit came out but never read it,, the second movie didnt make much sense to me, seemed like it was based in fantasy theory land, turning our cities and roads into circles seems impossible and a huge waste of resorces,, not sure about replacing all our jobs with robots ,, and what if i want a yacht? does every body get a free yacht, that would be a waste of resorces no?

@ crashoverride "yet you say NOTHING about that" yeah thats why im asking

@dinamuk - - must be easy being a top contributor with one liners like that

@scott b --- yeah ive seen it , its going to take more than a bunch of half sentence sound bites to convince me

@scott b's alter ego " Maybe a greedy, scheming, money handler is what we NEED in the White House?" --- RLY

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    Mostly fact.

    "A cousin of the hostile takeover, leveraged buyouts allowed Bain to take a controlling stake in companies through deals that were financed mostly by debt and ended with the target going private.

    Once in control, private equity firms typically cut costs at the acquired company, a strategy that sometimes includes layoffs and restructuring.

    Along the way, firms like Bain Capital often take substantial payments in the form of dividends and fees. And the target companies are often later sold -- or fail.

    The most complete accounting of Bain Capital's record while Romney was at the helm was published Monday in the Wall Street Journal."

    "Bain Capital is a private equity firm that invests in start-ups and established firms. It provides venture capital for emerging companies, such as Staples in the 1980s, but specializes in leveraged buyouts. Leveraged buyouts combine small amounts of investors' money with large amounts of borrowed money to buy established companies, increase their value, and resell them at a profit. Otherwise , known as Vulture Capitalism. Yes they do increase employees at times, but only to increase the value of a company that they plan to sell. Romney could care less about the workers and their families. Its much like real estate developers that buy distressed housing in poor neighborhoods, chase out the neighbors invest a little money ,then resell to make a profit. Vultures with no ethics at all except constant greed. Under Romney's watch at Bain in 1996, another Bain company, Dade International, a maker of medical diagnostic equipment, bought a similar unit of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., of Wilmington, Del. Dade soon shut down two plants and cut more than 700 jobs, according to government filings. The next year, Dade merged with Behring Diagnostics, a German company, to form Dade Behring Inc. Dade Behring shut three US plants, affecting more than 1,000 workers. This is the Romney plan of management. When Bain partners discussed shutting down businesses in which they invested, Romney never suggested they had to do something to save workers' jobs."

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    Yeah, so? To paraphrase his own words, don't hate hum just because he's successful. For that matter, don't hate him just because he may have been GREEDY. As long as everything he did was legal and he didn't break the law, then the rest is just subjective opinion.

    Maybe a greedy, scheming, money handler is what we NEED in the White House?

  • 9 years ago

    He wasn't a Gordon Gekko type of capitalist, if that is what you are thinking. What Romney did at Bain Capital was use leverage to acquire companies that were ALREADY on the verge of failure, improve them, and sell them at a profit. Some of the companies Bain Capital invested in did quite well, and Romney helped create millions in profits and saved or created many jobs...yet you say NOTHING about that.

    And Bain’s activities are *so* egregious that Obama taps a former Bain executive to head the Office of Budget and Management

    So at this point, I am willing to put my trust in Romney. If he turns out to be a failure, then I will admit that my vote was for the wrong man and continue to seek a candidate who will truly operate in the best interest of our country

  • 9 years ago

    It all depends who you listen to and believe or don't believe. I think he actually has a very good record as far as helping companies to succeed compared to other companies in that business. Then there are 10 other people who say something different. Its politics full of accusations, corruption and dishonesty. Look up Bain capital on yahoo. It is a big operation.

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    9 years ago

    That is exactly what he did.

    Side note: The character in the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gecko, was based on Donald Trump.

  • 9 years ago

    It's true, all venture capitalists do just plain nasty things to make money off businesses they invested in.

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    9 years ago

    Uh have you seen this video?

    Youtube thumbnail


    Because it should explain to you that you cannot trust him at all. He will literally flip flop on a day to day basis in order to appeal to the crowd he is speaking to. He is a complete liar, and is almost exclusively funded by special interests and lobbyists.

  • r1b1c*
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    9 years ago

    Fact, he takes on many (not all) companies with the intent of destroying them and selling them for the parts. If that is not "vulture capitalism" by definition, what is?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is a reality.... My Brothers do you know or have opinion over World Wide Zeitgeist movement

  • 9 years ago

    There's the real world that we all live in....... and.........the Romney world.............somewhere out there "where no man has gone before"........LOL

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