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was this my period? also period stories any one?

ive been getting my period for 3 months now and on the 29th of february i had (and i know it might be tmi) really really light brown discharge. so i asked my mom for "suplies". well i checked later and there was hardly any blood at all!!!!!!!!! so i just left it and checked again later and there was still not very much... but i changed my pad anyways. when i checked the next day there was nothing. absolutly nothing! im just soooooo confuzed because i had all my usuall symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! head ach, cramps and extreamly b**chy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeeeeellllllpppppppp! and i would really like seriouse answers no mean posts please!

as for the period stories...

when i got my first i was at school nothing special! i went to the washroom and saw the tineyest amount of blood in my undies. when i wiped it was like i turned on a faucet! idk what to do so i made a pad out of tp and the went out and started bawling and shaking! luckly my friend was in there so i asked her if she had any suplies and then the rest of the day she hung out with me and bought me chocolate!!!! and when i told my mum all she said was "i thought so. heres some midol"

have anything more interesting? oh and also how can i take a pad out of my locker w/o anyone seeing? please share your stories!!


also as i am only 13 and have never had a boy friend there is no possible way that im pregnant.

Update 2:

thnx country girl! that was very helpful but unfortunately i cant rate it as good b/c im only at level1! but so u no in my mind i rated it! it was very informative to me!

Update 3:

it hasnt started again but i have really thick, sticky discharge today idk if that helps at all and srry if this was tmi!!!

Update 4:

also what should i tell teachers if they wont let me go to the washroom?

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    that is completly normal. that was how my period was when i first started. i would go a few days bleeding and then for 2 or 3 days not even bleed at all. just be thankful that you get a little break.

    my period symtons are sometimes head aches, cramps, moody, nausea so i can relate

    ok so i started my period when i was at home. thank god. it was on a thursday and we had that friday off so i didnt have to go to school with it for a few days which was nice. my mom was really understanding. she took my to wallgreens to buy stuff and we went out to eat. it was great. overall i had a pretty good first period. another interesting story is i was at the pool with 3 guys and 2 girls and they were like ugg i got stomach cramps from eating all this food and i was like dont even talk about stomach cramps. so they were like your on your period and i was like yea. they make a joke that still today huants me if you see red water then....haha its kinda funny now. but guys are usually really understanding which is nice. but if your in like 7th or 8th grade maybe not so much. once you get in high school then their pretty understanding.

    as for sneaking supplies what i do is i wear hoodies and sweat/yoga pants on the days of my periods (everyone usually figures mostly girls but some guys) so i just casually will take a tampon or pad out and slip it in the little front pocket. nobody notices. if you don't want to do that you could ahead of time put the pads in the pocket. if for some reason your not wear something with pockets. by the way don't put then in jean pockets cause people will notice. then i shove it up my sleave and walk with my hands on my side. you could also take the bag and walk quickly to the bathroom with the bag at your side. this is more risky cause people would catch on. also sometimes in the summer when im at concerts or whatever ill shove them in my bra or tuck then in my pants. yea boys see sometimes but a lot of then are my friends that i have known for years and their understanding.

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    Ok so I started ky period at home during the summer in the middle of the night. When I woke up in the morning my underwear felt really wet so I went to my room and looked in the mirror and saw that the whole back half of my shorts were soked with blood. I just went to my sisters stash of pads and fixed my self up. School maturation class REALLy prepared me.:)

    Oh and with the brown discharge thing, the exact same thing happened to me when I fist got it. I am also 13

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    1- I dont know

    2- I havent had my period yet but someone I know started hers on the school bus it was gross!!

    3- Take a purse or small bag to school, when you go to the washroom, bring the bag with the pads with you!! ya its that simple!

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