Job interview in Mcdonalds?

Im from UK and I have an interview - i had one before but I didnt get it so what can I do this time around? and is it a bad place to work

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    8 years ago
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    Smile and be confident and seam very interested... especially if they mention anything about food or food safety... it's your life goal and nothing is more important... even if your partial to the '3 second rule'.

    It's not hard - but it isn't easy to get a job at McDonald's. You don't need qualifications, but there are so many people applying it's quite amazing, because people just assume they will get it because it's McDonald's.

    There are 3 or 4 main area's in which you can work, these being Kitchen, Front Counter, Dining Area and if your store is a Drive-thru then you can work there as well.

    Kitchen is the best place to work, although it can sometimes get ridiculously hot when they decide air-con is too much money, you get the best banter here and you feel as if your part of a proper team.

    Front Counter, is ok, but you get many difficult customers, customer that go 'I ordered this, but didn't get it', but you can remember giving it to them, and it end up being your word against theirs - your not allowed to give away free food, but then they are saying they didn't get it anyway. Also when your orders get lost in the kitchen, and you end up waiting 10 minutes on a plain quarter pounder.

    Drive-thru can be good when it works. Most stores take the most business though a drive-thru, and at peak times, you can sometimes feel that all your having to deal with are complaints because the focus becomes keeping the queue moving, and your almost literary throwing food out the window, and the amount of mistakes you make is quite unbelievable. I remember once it was so bad they had 2 crew members and a dedicated queue for complaints.

    I find the worst place to work is Dining area, I just want to tell people to stop dropping fries, stop making a mess with sauce, and to just be patient and wait for a seat.

    I personally usually enjoy working at McDonald's, I've made some great friends - I went to Ibiza with people I'd met just 3 months earlier.

    It's a very fast paced place to work, I worked in a Supermarket for a short while (better paid) got insanely bored and returned to McDonald's. It's not always perfect though, sometimes if it is very busy, and things go wrong, you have people yelling at you, customers yelling at you, and later you have head office telling you off because they received a complaint.

    I have had a customer spit at me and try to punch me because his Cheeseburger was dry and burnt. It does depend on the store but usually you feel under pressure to 'look busy' when your actually not... it's amazing how quickly surfaces get dirty and need wiped! They are very conscious of costs and your encouraged to save money in any way you can... and then you change encouraged to forced and you have a more realistic picture. Having your lunch in the dark, trying to manage with one chicken vat on, and having to ask customers what they actually ordered because Drive-Thru screens have been turned off and the receipt printer is out of paper have happened.

    They also love asking people if they want to go home... many people do, and then your left struggling to keep up, and when you ask for help, your told nobody can help.

    Do do enjoy my job most of the time though, but sometimes you can get quite frustrated.

    Source(s): McDonald's Crew Trainer
  • 8 years ago

    I wouldn't say it's a horrible place to work. I really have nothing against the "job" it's all the bull that goes with it I can't stand. I loved the people I worked with but they are just so money focused it's like they intentionally try their best to screw you out of money. I used to not work for 2 weeks at a time because someone hired to many workers. Our store suffered from the "to many chief's not enough indians" problem. It wasn't uncommon to be told to do something, get interrupted by another manager to do his thing, and get interrupted again to do another manager's thing so you didn't complete 2 tasks and someone's mad because their waiting. Night shifts are really hard work but they're allot more fun because you get to screw around a little more because it's not busy. (that's while you are cleaning the place from top to bottom) I got the job by being really nice. Fake cheesy McDonalds smile and all. I liked front counter but I had the most fun in back kitchen as an assembler.

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    No it isn't a bad place to work, it is a job that will sustain you.Just be yourself and answer the questions that are ask you.

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    8 years ago

    No it isn't. A job is a job.... Just do your best and look your best. First impressions last forever. Good luck

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