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Hygienically speaking, why doesn't Yahoo clean up its act?

I'm getting all sorts of error messages today. It's getting absurd.

Yahoo Answers is currently unavailable.

The profile you're looking for doesn't exist, perhaps they have (gulp) been suspended!

Unable to save your rating; please try again later.

You have 1,999 spelling errors.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I guess it is because we get what we pay for. The only good thing is the price is right.

  • P.L.
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    8 years ago

    There have been a tremendous amount of glitches on Y.A. this last few days. Sometimes when I am half way through typing an answer I find I've been thrown off am back at the list of questions from which I'd just chosen one to answer. Sometimes I click on a question and an advertisement pops up or the language changes to Chinese, Arabic or some other unknown (to me) language.

    I often just shut down the computer for a while and hope that all will be well when I return.

  • 3 years ago

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  • LeRoy
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    8 years ago

    All of that and the note about a lot of punctuation also. Is Yahoo being operated by people entirely from foreign countries? I don't really mean to insult their intelligence but I believe their understanding of the english language leaves a bit to be desired. Can't we leave some things made in America to Americans to operate. No offense to our UK cousins, you just use our language in an uncommon way.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, I think they need to do just that. It gives me questions from every category even though I specifically as for SC, and then it tells me I have all these spelling errors which I could not possibly have, as I have not typed that much. I am about ready to give it up.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yahoo has their fingers in too many pies to be bothered with Lil'ole Answers. It tells me questions have been deleted when they haven't and that they are not available when I post a I post it again... and there it is, twice! Grrrr

  • john
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    8 years ago

    In my opinion,too many users and not enough servers.This is just a guess.I notice the Yahoo articles run a bit slow.

  • S
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    8 years ago

    Me too.I feel like maybe my machine here took a trip into the Twilight Zone

  • 8 years ago

    I'm also having trouble checking my yahoo e-mail. They seem to be having technical problems all throughout the system.

  • Sometimes I think it is just in certain areas..

    I have not had any problems..

    Maybe you need to clean out the cache??..I do this almost everyday..=)

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