Studying at a University with a Higher Diploma?

I am currently studying for a higher diploma for legal and administrative studies at Hong Kong in IVE, a vocational education centre. I will graduate next year and I would like to study at a university abroad, preferably back in Canada as I was previously studying there a few years ago during my childhood.

My grades are not that amazing, averaging at 60s out of 100 for most subjects except English which I always do well in and no fails.

For my HKCEE, I only failed physics and passed everything else at 10 total marks with 5* for GCSE Chinese which is not counted in the total of that 10 marks.

I would like to know the requirements and easiest route for going back to Canada to studying university and if I still have to work harder for better marks. Or if theres an alternate relatively easy route to studying university in HK or even Australia.

Note that I can only fairly speak and read Cantonese and can barely write it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your grades are not good enough to be admitted to most universities in Canada. You would need to upgrade.

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