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im 14 and i don't have a girlfriend?

I'm a freshman and is ok not to have a girlfriend at my age?there were I think 2 girls who showed interest but.......I don't know I like to focus more on my work cause I have a gpa of 3.9 and is that too smart?I wouldn't miss treat a woman cause it hurts to for me to see women in torment.and well would u find it weird if I were to drive my honda xr125l motorbike to school?every time I park when I get to school alot of people look at me.and my looks um I'm a bit small framed and well um I chose my hair style from Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic and well if u want to see a better picture of me go on FB and look for christian Nicholas marilla and its the same picture as on this yahoo.

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    Being 14 and bot having a girlfriend is not wrong at all!!! I didnt have my first firlfriend til 18, my senior year of high school, turned out to be the love of my life lol, and seriously, 3.9 gpa is amazing, keep up te great work, its not too high, the few people in my school who had 3.8-4.0 all got respected because of that, its a huge accomplishment

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  • You don't have a girlfriend so, what? But, I can figure that you want one. So, go to and learn from a true natural on how to get a girlfriend.

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    That's normal.

    Its not your time yet.

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    If i was you id be more worried about being Asian.

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