Someone who can do magic? ?

before anyone says yes i know i'm heading for trouble doing this. i need someone who can do magic not to curse or hurt anyone but it is messing with free will. can somebody help me please. united kingdom. north west

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    9 years ago
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    You need to learn how to protect yourself.


    "Psychic Self-Defense" by Dion Fortune

    "Psychic Self-Defense & Well Being" by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

    Here's a meditation for you:

    The Tower of Light Exercise.

    Protection against psychic attack

    1. Stand erect, feet shoulder-width, arms at your sides, breathing evenly and deeply.

    2. Progressively relax your entire body starting from the top of your head working slowly down to the bottoms of your feet.

    3. Mentally visualise you are surrounded by a long ellipsoid of intense, bright blue light which extends outwardly from every point on the surface of your body. This should be an equidistance of about 250mm around your body.

    4. Continue to maintain this image, then visualise a globe of brilliant white light above (but not touching) your head. The globe is inside of your bright blue aura.

    5. Concentrate on this bright white globe so that it becomes brighter ... glowing white like burning magnesium.

    6. Keep both images of the bright blue aura and the brilliant white globe and mentally aspire to the highest standards of morality, good, and love that you can.

    7. Next, feel the white globe showering you with glittering white light filled with silver sparkles. This white light should permeate your entire being, coursing vibrantly through you. 8. The outer shell of your aura should be an intense bright blue filled with the vibrant, sparkling white light. Concentrate on this complete image as long as you can, fully believing in its reality. Feel your outer auric shell as a hard, sharply defined blue as you feel blissful and alert.

    9. As you close, let the image fade slowly while believing that it is not fading from reality.

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    Y!A really isn't the place for soliciting such assistance.

    Check out the UK menus at The Witches' Voice for local metaphysical shops and/or services and perhaps you'll find someone in your area that can help you:

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    You cannot use magick to "mess with" someone's free will. For goodness sake, do some research. Try or perhaps

  • 9 years ago

    Can't believe there are people like you out there that actually believes in magic roflmao

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