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Is Bruce Wayne going to die in The Dark Knight Rises?

Okay - so I'm a little bit of a Batman fanatic.

Having to watch Joel Schumacher destroy the batman franchise was crippling - and I am ecstatic over the work that Christopher Nolan has done now that he is at the helm. Given all that I know about Chris Nolan, he is very crafty in how he portrays his films in trailers. He wants you to think that you know how the movie is going to go down.

I've also heard that Nolan wants this to be the final batman - and I'm assuming that means giving us closure. There will be a definitive end to this franchise - but I feel that he wants to make a movie that implies how "batman" never ends. Bruce Wayne may die, but not Batman...if that makes any sense. The movie looks dark and I can already tell Batman is going to take a beating.

Do you think Nolan is going to have Bruce go out like a martyr...and die in this film?

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    Interesting approach I must say, but I doubt that Christopher Nolan would risk his neck to be taken to Bat fans guillotine by Killing off Bruce Wayne. I'd rather put my bet on he gets beaten to pulp by Bane & then starts his fight all over again & beats Bane by the end. Keep in mind the movie name is The Dark Knight Rises, not Dies/falls. So far the leaked info (dnt trust Nolan, he coys too much) Batman's identity seems to be public & I suppose Bruce ultimately saving Gotham is the rise of the Knight.

    Closure can be many ways avoiding death, I can remember this sort of prediction for Harry Potter last book, but JK Rowling kept him alive but finished the book series conclusively. I'm sure Nolan has it in him to cook something up similar.

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  • Mike G
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    8 years ago

    I agree with Cody and hope that the next film is like the Knightfall comic book, and I agree with Junior about Joseph Gordon Levitt not being Robin.

    Bane may break Batman's back but there is no Jean-Paul to take over as Batman.

    I def. don't think that Bruce will die in Nolan's last of the Batman franchise.

    Can't wait to see Catwoman and the new Batwing this July!

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  • C
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    8 years ago

    I'm hoping to God that Bane breaks his back like in the comics, that would be amazing. But I also read somewhere online that it looks like Bruce Wayne is going to die and someone (probably Joseph Gordon-Levitt) will take up the role of Batman or something similar. That's just speculation, but it does seem really weird to just add him as a random cop, so I think he has a much larger role to play in the movie. I kind of hope that he does kill off Bruce, what more closure can you have than that, there's no coming back from death in the Nolanverse. Just so long as Bane isn't portrayed as a complete and total idiot with huge muscles, I'll be happy.

    Batman can never die, he's an idea. Someone will always take up the mantle of the Bat.

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  • Junior
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    8 years ago

    I think the Batman persona will die, but Bruce lives. Maybe his identity will be revealed to the city or something. I don't think Joseph Gordon Levitt's character (John Blake) will take up being the next Batman or his Robin (as people are speculating).

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  • 8 years ago

    That makes no sense. Bruce dies but Batman doesn't?

    I think Batman will die, but not Bruce. Bruce will retire, because he wants a life. Because he can. Because it's not his responsibility to keep the world safe. Because he's not a hero, he is... a dark knight.

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  • 8 years ago

    I doubt it. Considering that the Dark Knight did not have a happy ending, I expect the closure in The Dark Knight Rises to be positive. Or maybe we will have to guess for ourselves like in Inception.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes he is die

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