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What are my rights as a minor in Pennsylvania?

As a young adult, what are the rights of a minor in the state of Pennsylvania?

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    You have the right not to be abused, and the right to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education. Beyond that, minors (under 18) have very few "rights." Until they are 18, their "rights" are actually held by their parent(s) or guardian(s).

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    A minor, even an emancipated minor, is not a young adult, except for marketing purposes (for instance, book publishers usually put out books intended for teens under a "young adult" designation).

    As a minor, you have the right to be fed, housed, clothed, and educated adequately, and usually your parents or guardians are the ones who define what is adequate. Your parents or guardians will determine what else you are allowed to do.

    I'll give you an example. If PA allows 16 year olds to get driver's licenses, but a particular 16 year old's parents don't want him/her to have a license, then that 16 year old has no RIGHT to a license.

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    A mimor is, by definition, not any kind of adult and has very few rights other than those permitted by your parents since they are ultimately responsible for your actions.

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    Your parents have the "right to determine the destiny of their children" Because you are not old enough to understand your rights, your parents who CARE for you have the burden of understanding them for you. Why are you asking?

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    As a minor you have full constitutional rights as a U.S citizen. Idk about drinking age, there's no national age limit, depends on state although most are at 21. You can vote at 18. You can smoke cigarettes at 18.

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