Moms who had a VBAC...?

Do you think it was worth it to have the vbac? Or looking back would you have just had another C?



Do you feel like your body is now twice injured, having the scar and also being 'stretched'?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I just had my second baby 3 weeks ago my first was a csec and i was trying for a vbac i labored 18 hrs i had a epidural because the pain was unnatural and i was still in ungodly pain with my epidural. I started pushing and got a pain on my stomach that no one should have to endure i begged for my doc because i knew at that point something was def wrong he came in and knew right away my uterus ruptured. I was rushed to surgery for a emergency csec and i was losing so much blood and torn so badly i had a emergency hysterectomy. I was put under right away so when i woke the next day they told me what happened he said i probly tore in early labor and that is why my pain was so out of this world. Im 24yrs old so when my doc told me he started crying and hugged me he felt so bad that he had to take my uterus but he said i would have died if he didnt. Its been 3weeks the baby is in perfect health but i am going to have a slow recovery. The chance of it happeneing is very small but if i could do it again id book the csec and not put my life in danger.

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  • Emily
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    9 years ago

    I had a VBAC 5 days ago, and I already feel better than I did 5 weeks after my C-Section. I can cuddle with my older daughter without worrying about her hurting me, and play with her, and basically do all the normal parenting things that I did before I had the baby. It's so much easier, and the stretching and episiotomy are a LOT less painful than the C-section.

    I should mention that I had a VERY easy C-Section, too. It was planned, so I didn't labor first. My doctor even said that my C-Section recovery was as easy as it could have possibly been. I also had a pretty painful labor for my VBAC (baby girl was posterior and was pinching nerves in my back and hips every time I contracted), and I still think that was better than the C-Section.

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