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How do i talk to her? please help?

Okay, i love this girl i know. Weve known eachother for a year, and we talk, i make her laugh and all that stuff. We were having qa chat on gmail with another one of my friends, and i was being nice to her. Then the next day the girl i love came up to me and said that i like my other friend and i said to her that i like L as a coverup. (ok L is for the girl i love and B is for my other friend. At the end of the day in 7th period, I ended up telling L that i really like her. We started to talk and she said she was crazy about her boyfriend, but im a great guy and il find my girl. I already knew she had a boyfriend and i tried for her not to know i liked her. Even though we said a lot more when we were passing notes, im not gonna say it all. I was telling her i was happy that she had a boyfriend and was happy. Anyway, i want to be her friend, but i cant even talk to her, because i keep thinking that she will think that i dont respect her having a boyfriend, i just want to be her friend. How can i talk to her?

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    Tell her what you just told us. Explain to her that you respect her relationship, and you really desire to simply stay friends. Make all of your feelings clear to her. If she is a true friend then she will accept this. You may want to consider not talking to her too frequently for a bit in case you still have strong feelings, but tell her first so she isnt offended. Good luck!

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    Your in a tough situation it sucks but trying to be friends with someone that you like and there already taken can get you hurt.

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    my friend has a boyfriend a million guy friends! just dont mention anything weird like dating! keep it fun and non flirty!

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