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So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month but before we started dating he just came out of rehab. He was sent to rehab because he was smoking some kush(weed). So the first week we are perfectly fine, just a happy couple. He's a junior(turns 17 in 2 weeks) and I'm a sophmore(15). Than this last week, he decides to go with his friends over to a house and I tried so hard to stop him, but his friends peer-pressured him and got him high. So he becomes physiologically addicted and once he gets high the first time he can't stop. So he goes to school the next day and gets caught smoking on campus and gets suspended for 5 days. Well that night he runs away from home and is gone for like 2 days, than decides to go back home for a few hours. Later that night he leaves again. Everything that went on that night was just too crazy and not that important. Though, my bestest friend in the whole wide world sat me down and told me what she really sees in this relationship my boyfriend and I share. She made it sound like as if him and I are horrible together. Cause he left one girl and came too me at the randomest time. She told me what the whole school was saying about him and I. She wants me done with him cause she just thinks its not worth anything. But i feel like it is worth something cause when him and I are together I'm the happiest person, but he can be a little butt at school and ignore me sometimes and not be as affectionate. She made me promise too leave him and be single, but I don't think I can do that just yet. because I want to be with my boyfriend.. what do I do? any advice, please? I know this is kinda out of hand, but I'm desperate too hear some advice on what I should do. 10 points best answer.. :)

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    I think that your best friend has your best interests at heart - more than your boyfriend. You've been a couple with him for less than a month, but how long has your best friend been your best friend?

    I think that any drugs are bad news really - it's against the law. And if you'll break the law for a good reason, you'll do it for a bad one. It might be weed now but how long before he goes to a party, gets high then tries something else he's offered - like crack for instance. It's not worth it. He chose to go to the house and it may have been peer pressure but he listened to them over you. Chose their advice over yours.

    He may be a really great, lovely guy who just has this one weakness - I don't know. I think you should ask him to stop taking drugs, if he prizes your relationship and loves you then he will go back to rehab and not cave in again. If he doesn't, he's choosing the weed over you, and do you really want to be with a guy who loves a plant more than a person? It wouldn't work out and you deserve better.

    At the moment he sounds a very unstable and reckless lad, running away from home, taking drugs, getting suspended etc. Perhaps he's not the best guy for you to be in a relationship with. He can make you happy, yes, and the euphoria of love is wonderful. But it's just chemicals, dopamine, PEA-phenylethylamine, noradrenaline, and sooner or later, once he's gone they settle down and you'll find someone else makes you just as happy, maybe more :)

    If he ignores you at school sometimes and "can be a little butt", is it worth it? There will be some heartache breaking up with someone you still like, but in my opinion it's for the best. Listen to your best friend, she cares for you and will help you through it :) And there will always be another guy who doesn't ignore you around school, and will be proud to hold your hand :)

    Scientifically speaking, while in love the part of the brain involved in critical analysis of the person you like has suppressed activity, meaning you don't quite register the negative aspects of the person you like. Your friend does not have this so she can see any potential danger to you he may pose.

    You probably won't like it, I know - who would? But my advice to you is to give him one chance to give it up - just the one. Make it clear that there is no more, if he doesn't change for you now, he never will. It could be that he gets over it and you have many happy years together. If not, you're 15. You have your whole life before you and it's not worth screwing it up or getting your chances damaged by a guy who you may well not love in a years time - dump him and move on to someone better who deserves you :)

    Good luck with whatever you choose :)

    Source(s): Life can be tricky at times :P p.s. sorry if it's a bit long :P
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    I personally have no problems with marijuana, but if it is interfering with his school work and giving him problems at home then something needs to be done. If I personally would recommend being single, but since you refuse to do that "just yet" I guess you could try talking to him. Tell him it is not necessarily the drug itself, but his reactions to the drug that bother you. Tell him how much you hate the fact that he is getting suspended and running away from home and all. Perhaps that might get him to think, but at the same time rehab did fail him. Do you think you can do better than rehab? You can always try.

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    9 years ago

    Try your best to get him away from him Chet his friends to help because drugs make u someone your not and make sure using get involved in the drugs if u really like him and he really likes u he wil stop 4 of luck

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    9 years ago

    Your friend may be on to something, this guy could be bad news, idk. The saying goes that "you can t change a man". i ll say this, if he cares about you enough, he ll stop doing what he does. he himself has to want to stop doing the things he does, or he won t change. besides, sometimes we ourselves don t see things that other people see. we sometimes need that other person to tell us before it s too late, like being taking advantage of money wise.

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  • 9 years ago

    well its never good to have a bf who is addicted to drugs but especially if he is ignoring you at school because that means he is probably planning to just use you

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