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Anyone else have trouble with Pains (Hayne's) manuals?

So far, most Haynes books have been great. BUT: Last night, I needed to change fork oil. I need new seals, too. Book did Not say to "put bike on center stand". (I can't do this without a jack, anyway.) Did Not say "Springs would shoot out when fill cap removed". Just showed the filler cap. No Springs. When I pulled them, the front end Collapsed. Bike fell over, messing up a signal and brake lever! It took all I had to get it upright. Then, with collapsed forks, it would not Stay on the side stand. A real Pickle! Yelled for a neighbor to help and hang onto it while I got a jack!

And, it did Not say to "remove instrument cluster" to get to it the fill caps. (you Can take the caps off with it on, but getting them back in Straight is impossible with ins. cluster on.) When I look up Ins. Cluster, to remove, it says "refer to previous section". There Is None. I had to remove headlamp and flashers, first, I found out. And, their "diagram" does Not show a small phillips holding the trip reset knob. I only found it by instinct--I was sure there was a screw, there was one, all right. And, cluster won't open if knob on. ( I had an indicator lamp out, too, so I decided to try and change it while cluster out.)

This makes NO sense. They show an entire engine rebuild, but can't outline basic maintenance. It is an '83 Honda nightmare, not something exotic you can't get data on. Theses books are becoming Paynes...

( You Should be able to simply remove air fittings to just change fork oil. )


Cracked my New helmet's visor, too, when it fell.

I got sore and threw my 1/2 wrench down, and got a beer. Felt like hammering that **** crap of a bike with a good, American made hammer anbd using the book for butt wipe.

Tackled it again Sun. Morning at 6.You have to be Gargantua to push the cap back in against the spring and engage the treads Straght, even with entire weight off the forks. Of Course, the Pain's book doesn't Say this. I know, they go on factory manuals. But, they Should show it step by step. Not just a word or two and fill capacity. Shoulda called Dealer....

Update 2:

Hormad: : BS. You must be referring to Factory Manual or some thing. Probably NLA with a beast this old. These Haynes are a Supposed to be step by step for Everyone. From Forkhorn to Full Rack. I doubt you've ever seen one.

I have a lot of experience with cars, and maintaining bikes, rebuilt 3 of them. I just never refilled a fork before. Never Had to until now.

My instincts told me to do one at a time...shoulda listened.

And, Yes, it fell over again. This time mirror messed up. Bike was 29 yo, only 3500 miles, not a Scratch till it fell over lasrt night. That's why I'm so p****.

Rant Over. Got it back together. It was hard starting from the fuel loss on being sideways. I had to leave it a while because it chose to land on my toe, and it hurt for a goodly while. I am simply removing the valve stems fromn the air fiitings if I ever need to refill again.

Update 3:

No, should not have to Tow it to dealer, 15 miles away for $imple maintenance. I put 66 miles on it last week just going downtown and back, twice. Plus, my cage is down, it's my prime mover at this point.

I'm off the the swap. Hope it doesn't leak fork oil all over the brake again. Bring rags.

Update 4:

Cournel: I had the helmet in the garage with the bike and riding clothes. Why is this difficult for you to understand? Are you going to ask now why my Foot was in the way?

A friend said I should have put it on blocks (not the center stand!) and release tension on forks, first. Made sense.

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    Whether you're talking about cars of bikes, Haynes and Chilton manuals are better than nothing, but just barely. I'm very experienced at mechanical, hydraulic, fuel injection, emissions and electrical systems, but I find those brands of manuals are often VERY vague and there are too many, "Take to an authorized dealer for service or repair" statements in both of them. Me? I check on ebay for factory shop manuals or factory manuals on CD. I think the best thing you could have done would have been to buy a bunch of Clymer and Haynes manuals, stack them up and prop up your bike with them. Then they would actually have been useful.

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    The manuals assume a reasonable level of understanding, typical amounts of common sense and a familiarity with good shop practice. You have none of the requites as you expect to be hand held in even the most obvious of situations. Why for instance did you have your helmet in the work area? Were you going to use it as a hammer? Read this:

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    The manual is for individuals who already are technically well versed. It is not meant to be a guide all for first timers. An experienced hand is just looking for clues. The rest of the details, he fills in himself.

    Unfortunately you deciphered this the wrong way. I hope you have not damaged your bike more than what was there earlier. Time to go to the authorized workshop to rectify the mistake. Lesson learnt !

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    you could have gone to the HONDA site & downloaded the manual for free...

    then this issue would not have arisen...

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    try or .com sum mans there.

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