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in alabama are you an legal adult at age 18 or 19?

okay so I'm 18 and i live in alabama i will be turning 19 in june, which isnt that far away

My boyfriend lives in florida and were planning on moving in with each other hes going to fly me down to florida....

any way what im getting at is can i move with out getting in trouble or do i have to wait til be 19

i thought you had all rights when you turned 18 but i heard its 19

im in college i have my own job so i need answers

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  • Teekno
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    8 years ago
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    Alabama is one of two states (along with Nebraska) that defines the age of majority as 19. What this means is that you can't enter into a contract until the age of 19.

    Now, that will not stop you from moving in with your boyfriend in Florida, because the age of majority in Florida is 18. Once you leave Alabama, you're a legal adult.

    And anyone who says the US Constitution defines the age of majority as 18 never bothered to read the Constitution.

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