Is ABC, NBC, and CBS state run media?

Does anyone still take ABC, CBS, NBC seriously as an impartial news organization? If you can't answer the question without foaming at the mouth about Fox News, don't bother.

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  • Kini
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    9 years ago
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    There is no state-run TV in the U.S. but they are all corporate-run. It is the same thing since corporations dictate government policy. American news agencies are not informed enough to be labeled as anything. Their reporters do not ask impartial questions. The 3 networks local news is very neutral as far as I can tell. MSNBC is trying to be the counterweight to Fox TV but all cable news is very tightly controlled and mostly opinion and gossip. For real news I watch RT.

  • Butch
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    9 years ago

    They are definitely a controlled medium with an agenda. BUT no way are they run by the state.

    That is one benefit of having useless people run the government. They cannot get their act together on any agenda, let alone controlling the media.

  • Frank
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    9 years ago

    No, they are not run by the government. (You do know what state-run means, don't you?)

    Fox isn't run by the government, either. Fox happens to be strongly partisan, but that does not make it state run. Some people believe the other networks are impartial, but most people get their news from CNN, MSNBC, or Fox.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Only since 2009.

    Source(s): They were actually somewhat critical of the last democrat POTUS.
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  • 9 years ago

    Obama was never vetted. The media lost their importance.

  • John
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    9 years ago

    They don't have to be, they act so much like one.

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