What are things I can do with my Dad?

I'm 13 and my dad told me to think of a place we can go on a "date" together. I can't think of anything! I have searched google and I like the paranormal (haunting) and he likes the historical parts of it like learning the history about the place but there's not really a place to go for things like that to go on a ghost hunt or tour a haunted place. I live around Dallas,Texas. I need like a place to eat and then a place to go to and I don't really wanna go to the movies...

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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    I will give you a suggestion for a good night out with your dad, so let me know what you think of this. If you're in the Dallas, Texas area, I would suggest booking a night in a haunted hotel as well as a fun and adventurous dinner. I looked up a bunch of things for you online and here's the details below that I was able to find in your area. It's for a a restaurant where you will have the best dinner ever, as well as a few suggestions for some haunted hotels where you could stay for the night....


    Texas Star Dinner Theatre

    It's in Grapevine, TX right near the Dallas Intl. Airport

    This is a murder mystery dinner, and can be a lot of fun. While you are there to eat dinner, they stage a murder in the restaurant, and the staff and actors in the restaurant make it feel like there's really been a murder and the guests there eating dinner, such as you and your dad, will have to solve the murder. It's a very cool experience and I wish that I could have done this with my dad when I was younger. Check out their website at... http://www.texasstardinnertheater.com/

    *** FYI - SO THAT YOU DON'T GET TAKEN AWAY FROM THIS PAGE... If You Go To Any of These Websites, Right Click Links & Open Them In A New Tab or Page. ***


    I will list the most known haunted hotels in Dallas, Texas for you below. I would book a room earlier in the day, then head out for dinner at the restaurant that I suggested for you above. The doors at the murder mystery restaurant open at 7pm and dinner starts at 8pm. It will probably be around 10pm when you get back to the hotel, which will be perfect since it will be dark and a good time at night for you to investigate the hotel.


    HOTEL ADOLPHUS -- A bride who was left standing at the altar, hung herself and has been seen walking, wearing her bridal gown. In the bar, things move by themselves, including beer bottles. Their website is... http://www.hoteladolphus.com/

    HOTEL LAWRENCE -- The second floor, which used to house a gambling casino, is haunted by the spirit of a man who lost more than his money on a bad hand of poker. On the tenth floor, a woman fell to her death in the 1940s. Guests have heard the sound of high heels walking across the lobby floor, heard voices, and have felt cold spots. Laundry carts have been reported to move by themselves, the front desk often gets calls from three rooms that no one has checked into. Supposedly, the door at room #1009 on the 10th floor gives resistance from the opposite side to the staff if they try to open it. A congressman reportedly committed suicide on the 10th floor. Female voices are heard in the halls. Their website is... http://www.hotellawrencedallas.com/

    STONELEIGH HOTEL -- Once owned by a Confederate General, this hotel has seen the likes of Hollywood celebrities and has a reputation for hauntings in general throughout the entire hotel. Their website is... http://www.stoneleighhotel.com/

    So, this gives you the perfect day and night out with your dad which will give you a bit of history, which you said your dad likes, it will give you some mystery... while you solve a murder over dinner, and it will give you a night out in a haunted hotel so you can have your very own paranormal investigation.... By the way, all three of the haunted hotels that I mentioned above are all in Dallas, TX.

    Since you're 13, I'm not sure if you have any paranormal investigation equipment or not, and it's not a big deal if you bring equipment with you or not, but at least bring a camera with you so you can always remember this day and if anything happens at the hotel you can hopefully get it on camera. If you don't have any paranormal investigation equipment, find some at... http://atfparanormal.com/Paranormal-Store-Ghost-Hu...

    I hope that you have a good day out with your dad whether you take my suggestion or not, but if you do use my idea, then share it with me if you get a video of it, I will put a link to my YouTube channel below just in case you catch some paranormal activity in any of these haunted hotels and you want to share it with me.

    If staying in one of those haunted hotels is too expensive for you, or if you don't want to spend the entire night out, you could always get in touch with me and I could let you know some other locations in your area where paranormal activity has been reported to me. Either way, I hope you and your dad have a great day out together... Just add me as a contact and email me from my Yahoo Answers profile or you can email me from my YouTube channel by going to the link below....

    Have A Good Time!!

    --- Phillip Brunelle

    ATF Paranormal

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    You're in Texas. Go to a firing range, shoot something, well not something, the targets.

    Afterwards, go for burgers, in and out, fat burger, anywhere you like.

    The time you spend together is more important than the activity.

    Go Fishing, Golfing, what about 6 flags? Go karting!

    Have a blast! What 13 year old kid says: Thanks in advance.

    Just don't go line dancing with your Dad, it never turns out well...

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    9 years ago

    Fishing!!! My dad and I go fishing every all the time and it's so fun! Even if you're awful at fishing, it's still a fun thing to do. Also try going out to dinner or something, just so you have time to talk and hang out. Hope it helps!

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    9 years ago

    Umm you shouldnt go on dates with your dad..but if you mean like hanging out..then you could go to a museum or a theam park.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Umm you shouldnt go on dates with your dad..but if you mean like hanging out..then you could go to a museum or a theam park.

  • 9 years ago

    If you like basketball play against him. A little game of one on one will be fun and funny.

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