how much would my netbook be worth?

i am selling a samsung n145+ netbook, it is a year old, in full working condition and functions like it should, i have upgraded the windows 7 from starter to home premium and mostly use it for browsing the web, i do use it regularly but their is no paint loss or chips... i am just wondering how much it'd be worth as i will be selling it??

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  • stan l
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    9 years ago
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    There's one on ebay and it's almost timed out at $152.50. It only has windows 7 starter so yours would theoretically be worth more. Add in about half of what the upgrade cost.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago




    *No warranty

    *Horrible Specs.

    *Windows 7 Home makes it a little better

    Also no one you sell that to is going to buy that for anything over $200. When you bought that you got ripped off soooo bad, also sentimental value or how much you paid for it means nothing.

    Source(s): WOW you need to know?
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