UK Work Permit for US Student?

I am an American college student at a top university and I might have a summer internship opportunity in the UK this summer. My friend is working at a firm there and he has European citizenship. He said he might be able to help me get an interview.

However, apparently the firm doesn't like hiring people that have to apply for a permit because they have to go through a lot of hassle and paperwork. I only have American citizenship and I have only traveled to Israel. I honestly have no idea how this system works but I was wondering if there is some legal avenue for working in the UK without having to put the employer through the hassle of permits. Also, where would I get a permit and how long would it take to get one? I don't even know where to start for this so any help would be appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can explore the UK immigration laws at the UKBA site linked below.

    No matter what, the employer will have to apply for some sort of permit on your behalf. No country allows people to just come into the country and work without any sort of authorization. But some permits are much easier to obtain than others.

    The employer will know the timelines for various applications.

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