United States 2012 Republican Candidates?

I am not sure the views and opinions of the 4 Republican candidates for the 2012 election, and wanted to be more informed. Can someone give me an OBJECTIVE AND UNBIASED summary of each of the candidates views?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Mitt Romney: Governor of Massachusetts. Extremely rich businessman who has quite a bit of corporate experience. He is pro-war on Terror and believes the U.S. should support Israel against Iran. He is often called a flip-flopper because he has changed his stance on various issues over the years; abortion, healthcare, mandates, and gay rights- to name a few.

    Newt: Speaker of the House under Bill Clinton. He led the congress at a time of extreme economic growth with Bill Clinton in spite of political differences. He is a strong supporter of Israel and suggests the U.S. move its embassy to Jerusalem, which would make much of the middle east angry. He is a southern republican so his stances on personal freedoms are very conservative. He has a checkered personal history with various wives and he was accused of ethics violations.

    Santorum: Former Senator of Pennsylvania. He is the Christian values candidate. Most of his rhetoric focuses on the break down of the family and governments attack on religion. He voted with his fellow republicans over 90% of the time while he was in the senate. He has been attacked for increasing the size and power of government with the patriot act and no child left behind. Santorum is very vocal about his support of a war on terror. He has stated that he would send troops back to Iraq and believes that the United States should be more active in efforts against Iran.

    Paul. Served in the house of Representatives for almost 30 years. He is an OBGYN and is the only candidate in either party who served in the military. He believes in a weakened federal government so although he believes life begins at conception he does not want the federal government to handle issues the constitution does not mandate. He wants to bring all of the troops home, including those serving in the 100s of American bases around the world. He believes the Federal Reserve should be ended. He wants to shrink the federal government by various government agencies like the department of education. He wants to drastically reduce spending to help curb the massive amounts of debt the United States has accumulated.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm just going to tell you about Ron Paul, and maybe other people will give you the "good points" of their favorite candidate.

    Ron Paul had never voted for a budget that was not balanced (paid for). He has never voted to limit anyone's rights, including the Patriot Act. He opposes the TSA bureaucracy. He refuses the Congressional pension and takes a yearly salary of $39,000, the median income for Americans. The rest he returns to the Treasury to go towards the deficit. He opposes the Federal Reserve, which prints money and debases our currency to the point that it loses value, meaning we have to pay more to get less. He favors a return to sound money, which means our currency would have something backing it, like gold, in order to keep the decline of value of the dollar to a minimum. He opposes the Middle East wars and would promote friendship and trade to any and all countries willing to accept it. He opposes the war on drugs and instead would allow for individual choice over our own bodies and lives. He is personally pro-life and does not favor gay marriage, but would refuse to involve the Federal government in any regulation of them, leaving those social decisions to the states. He opposes crony capitalism, which creates an environment where politicians and corporations trade favors usually involving money and power. He would get rid of 5 cumbersome departments, Education, Commerce, Interior, Energy and Housing and Urban Development. He is a true believer in the validity of the Constitution and stands up for it and citizens' rights at every opportunity.

    That is Ron Paul in a nutshell.

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  • 8 years ago

    Daisy has it correct. She laid out pretty well what the GOP Tea Party Republican candidates positions are. I heard Mitt Romney's speech after winning in Michigan. His policies are exactly the same as GW Bush's were. He believes in more tax cuts for the rich, more spending cuts to Social Security and Medicare and making qualification for SS around the age of 70. He believes that trickle down economics works although it never has in the history of America. He believes in less regulation on Wall Street even though that is exactly what caused the financial meltdown that was handed over to Obama and the Democrats to fix. So far Obama has the right ideas and they are working. GM is alive 3+ million new jobs created and Bin Laden is dead.

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  • Daisy
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    8 years ago

    No. I'd suggest you go to their websites and read their views first hand.

    Just remember that their views today are not necessarily their views last year or even last month. Mitt, in particular, has flip flopped on several issues: women's right to choose, gay marriage, health care mandate (he was for them when he was gov of Mass; he's against them now). So what will he do as president?

    Newt preaches smaller government and claims to be an outsider. But he's spent most of his adult life as an elected official or a lobbyist in the government. Several affairs and married three times. Left his House seat because he admitted to ethics violations.

    Santorum couldn't win re-election to the Senate in his home state! He thinks birth control is wrong. He says the idea of aspiring to a college education is snobbery....though he has 3 college degrees himself and his wife has two. He thinks the separation of church and state is sickening. JFK's speech on that made him "sick to his stomach."

    Ron Paul has a history of publishing racist and antisemitic newsletters. He claims he never knew what was in those newspapers, but his byline is all over them. And he made $millions from them. He wants to go back to the gold standard, get rid of the Fed and withdraw our support from Israel....to name a few of his kookier positions. He's spent over 20 years in Congress and has a history of being unable to work with other legislators. I think he's got ONE bill passed in his time in Congress.

    But, like I say: go to their websites.

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  • egge
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    3 years ago

    they have no longer some thing to furnish as of yet, it really is why all they can do is bash President Obama. they're going to commence getting more desirable severe once they don't ignore that bashing the president gained't lead them to get elected.

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