Where are the most criminally insane people kept in England?

I mean what asylum are they in? just curious.

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  • 9 years ago
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    They send them all to California.

  • Chaz
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    9 years ago

    Well, contrary to what the authorities might tell you, many criminal insane people are now living out amongst the community, deemed as the new socially acceptable way to give these people their human rights and freedom. Not for me to say otherwise, but some twit of a judge, doctor or social worker can now put the lives of thousands at risk by housing them outside of any asylum.

    But then this country is slowly going bananas anyway. Stuff going on here you couldn't make up. The UK is the new loony bin of the world. And you think I'm kidding? Wrong! Here's a few examples:

    - aged lady fined for dropping a piece of thread from her jumper (littering)

    - child drops a sweet wrapper and mother fined for littering

    - english man sent to the US for trail whilst terrorists get legal right to stay here

    - UK government support a new european nazi can do will do anything secret society

    - we are now forbidden to use proper light bulbs. Now have to use bulbs that take 30 seconds to light up and cost four times as much

    - banks can screw you to the ground and are free to make as much money as the want

    - the uk government allows terrorists and undesirables to enter the country unchecked

    - the police are thugs in uniform. They rather catch you speeding than save your life in 1 ft of water

    - health and safety rules over common sense everywhere

    - social workers have the right to snatch a baby/child from decent parents because 'they' deem the child is at risk when it isn't. Never to be re-united with their parents again

    - Umpteen so called officials now have the right to break into your home legally

    - hospitals are the worst places to be in if you are ill - neglect/starvation/infections/euthanasia

    - the old are being fleeced for every penny of the worldly goods to pay for their elderly care

    - politicians are all on the make and ignore the voice of the people

    - uk government does nothing to support the working class people, they rather line their own pockets and lead us into europe, where our national identity will vanish along with our freedom and liberty

    There's more, but then you only asked about the nutters and where they are kept. They're here all right, living and working amongst us. Scary stuff!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why ? are you looking for plays to land ? If yes then check a grate USA....

    Does anyone know what is going-on why our country so divided do we have future as United States of America? Dose Illuminate, Bilder Berg Group or Bohemian Grove so called “Secret societies” has anteing to do with our situation and if yes what we can do?

  • 9 years ago

    The House of Lords.

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  • 9 years ago

    Probably Broadmoor

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