Help?! How can I be clever?

I know this is a stupid question but I really want to be clever! Like people tell me all the time that I'm stupid and thick...

When I did my GCSE's I only got C's and D's which is terrible...

Last year I got 1A, B's, C's and 1D but I still don't feel clever and people are still making me feel bad for not being as clever as others in the class...Like one of my ''so called friends'' who started on level 1 (I started on the highest level possible 3!) she called me thick yet I've passed everyone of my work placements so far (she failed 1) I passed every assignment at grade D or above (an e and above is a pass on my course because it's like super hard and it's A Levels) she's only passed them at grades e and d yet she still thinks I'm stupid...

So how can I be clever? Everytime I tell people I am they either laugh or find a way to tell me I'm not... It's really putting me down :(


I love to read! I'm honestly not bad at spelling or grammar I just forget to proof read before posting this question -_-

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  • Nick
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    9 years ago
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    Actually asking people how to be clever isn't the way to go. When it comes to Glibness and wit, it isn't something someone will systematically teach you, it comes effortlessly when you're relaxed. Some people aren't naturally gifted with cleverness and wit, and that's okay. Don't try too hard. You'll be clever when you're in a situation that you're relaxed and knowledgeable in. Observe cleverness instead of straightforward asking about it. There's many facets of cleverness, it extends to things outside of conversation, including the written word. Mark Twain had a sort of sarcastic cleverness in his literature. Gary Larson used humorous cleverness in his farside cartoons. If clever conversation isn't you're forte, Find something you're good at, and try to be clever with that.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    For starters you shouldn't consider those people to be your friends. Friends support. They don't put you down or make you feel any less smart. :(

    Second, clever people don't really claim they're clever. It's a description given to them by other people based on their actions and accomplishments. But that doesn't mean you can't believe you can be clever.

    If you're getting grades that don't satisfy you even if you submit them on time, perhaps there's something lacking in the quality of your work. Know that your teachers are there to teach. That means, if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. They have to make time for you--'cos technically you're paying for your education and thus should get educated, right? Ask them what you did to get a grade of D and ask what ways you can improve. Sometimes, if you're willing to do extra work for credit, it pays to ask them.

    As an extra note, it may also be beneficial to read books. Any books of any genre that you want to read (mystery, non-fiction, science fiction) as long as they're actually published (not online fan fiction and the like). You can pick up a lot of things just by continuously reading books like proper grammar and spelling; you can learn new, complicated words, which you can take note of and use it when you converse with people.

    It's good that you're motivated. It's good that you're seeking self-improvement. You just have to have faith in yourself and try not to surround yourself with people who can break that drive. Good luck!

    Source(s): personal experience.
  • 9 years ago

    Just ignore them and focus. Set aside time for revision. Get a pad and some coloured pens. Buy a how to pass or success guide book. Read through slowly and carefully one page at a time, making sure you understand the information. Then change the sentence structures around in your head (this will help you memorise the information- as you are actually thinking about what it means) and write it down/ make a mind map that helps you remember. Sitting down and thinking "right, now i'm going to revise" is the hardest part. Letting all the information slide in and click together is the great bit! Setting aside time for revision also means you can spend your free time without worrying about exams. Good luck! :)

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    i got all a+ so i am the best

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