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Good Brand Of Small, Sinking Pellets?

My Neon Tetras struggle to eat flakes because the water in their tank is a little bit rough (I can't adjust anything). The only way I can guarantee they eat is by giving them food that sinks. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a brand of Tetra - sized sinking pellets?

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    I use TetraColor tropical granules, which aren't bad. My fish and shrimp both seem to like them. They're kind of a halfway between pellets and flakes.

    I also use Hikari sinking wafers, which are about 1/4 inch across, and HBH shrimp pellets. The pellets are especially popular in my mom's 50g, and she has trouble getting enough of them to reach the bottom that the cories actually get to eat them. The tetras will just swarm them and swim around with them in their mouths... it's pretty comical, some of the pellets are almost as big as their head.

  • John B
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    I have a lot of tetras and I feed them various foods. Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets is what I mix daily with the flakes. I also give them frozen shrimp and freeze dried worms. They seem to really like the pellets.

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