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Why dont Abrahamic faiths see that they have no more concrete proofs than those of extinct ancient religions?

We may be led to the false assumption that because a faith is current, its more likely to be true than for instance any of ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek or Roman religions which are no longer followed, but in reality Judaism, Christianity and Islam have offered no more solid proofs for their claims. Yes, they have amazing tales like angels sent from God revealing books, resurrection, miracles etc but in essence all they have are stories and writings, and more writings and more unverifiable stories, and more writings... Nothing verifiable or more solid. Then they wonder how unbelievers can be 'so sure' that Yahweh, Heaven, Hell etc are not real.


If we went for age, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism would be more valid than abrahamic faiths @ADMP

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    1rst, religion doesnt=the truth. Evidence: Only 1 God can occupy infinity=God of Israel=NO CAUSE NEEDED 2 EXIST/declare end 4rm start-only fully proved b/c Jesus is God's Son-He wasnt talking out 2 nor 1000s of sides of His mouth=no confusion=only 1 never changing truth can exis. Jesus couldnt hv done whats in NT w/o knowing whole OT(impossible w/o God-NT didnt exist yet/Apostles couldnt write NT w/o Jesus having them remember all He did-Lk 24:25-27,45).

    Most religions r built on ideas/gods man likes-CANT ALL B RIGHT(only 1 Bible-why so many interps? II Pet 1:19-21). Religion cant teach much about God(cant teach what u don't know). NO1 can live W/O BREAKING God's eternal LAW=sin-separates us from God=death-why u need 2 b rightly Born Anew in Jesus. Who knows more about a house-the Builder/ppl moving in later?

    God outsmarted us: reading the Bible(religious/not)u cant find Jesus w/o Bible directions-Jn 5:39/10:1,7/3:3,5/only a Bible cant b rightly known w/o Jesus(Jn 14:6/II Cor 3:14/Is 29:11-12~if Jewish ppl cant unveil OT w/o Jesus all gentiles cant=why many interps exist/called fairy tales). God knew many'd twist His word&used unchangeable system(like God/Jesus/Prv 30:4-6). God's 66 legit Bible Bks/mindset/message 4ever binds OT/NT truth 2 His system. ESV is easiest Bible 2 read.

    In history only Jesus said He's the way/truth/life-no1 sees God w/o Him(Jn 14:6/5:39/Acts 4:12)=complete truth&ALL new/other claims r false/godless or Jesus is 1 more false prophet 2 ignore-more evidence 4 God:

    Ev has huge holes=no Ev. Ppl CONFUSE TRUTH(offends many)/HATE/impose human limits/labels 2 God's abilities(call Ev whats ONLY Adapt)=dumb limits-God's Creation order isnt as man thinks/24hr day NOT MADE TILL 4th day/Bible DOESNT SAY earth's age. Scientific-method cant prove BB/BBnc/Ev/Abiog theories-billions of yrs old COLD cases/DIDNT SEE it done. W/o UNCUT film 4 b4 BB/life 2 2day=spec & 1 species' parts in another r just more species. Ev's a lie/calls in2 ? BB/Abiog-universe/we wouldnt exist w/o IDr:

    1~We hv 2 lungs/kidneys/ears, arms/legs-each has a NEAR PERFECT 3D MIRROR-IMAGE companion organ/limb(not a copy). RNA/DNA rep/mirror image amino acid prod CANT EXPLAIN IT AWAY. 2 make mirror-image organs takes FULL REVERSE ENGINEERING/knowledge of companion's functions/purpose or it cant b created 2 perfection in nature(2 WITNESSES in nature=KILLS Ev/Abiog).

    2~Our bodies r highly symmetrical 1 side 2 the other-impossible w/o an outside overview pov 4 full knowledge of whole life-form.

    3~Cells/organisms r just copies of, copy parents'/all ancestors' acts. U wont find a bird building a better nest than parents/chicks build even better nests/bears passing better life 2 cubs. Cells HV 2 LIVES-1 copying parents/1 SECRET, working on improvements or God's the Creator.

    4~Fossil record doesnt hv millions of trial/error phyla that should exist if NS/fittest survivor is Creation source-odds r so great against near perfection 4 many millions of greatly diverse species, such precision cant happen w/o 1rst having full knowledge 4 what 2 do(even adding billions of yrs byond universe start cant solve problem). If not true millions more misfits with mistakes-having only 1/3 eyes in odd places/1 leg growing out of a head/where a fin/arm/wing should b, etc would exist than perfection seen in nature.

    5~Picture u boxed(+near 0 intell)within a microscopic cell-smaller than a txt period/no way 2 sense much beyond ur cell. How can u, with these real limits invent millions of such diverse species 2 perfection in nature? NO OTHER ORGANISMS EXISTED so cells r great geniuses or Ev's a lie.

    6~Cells need DNA 2 function/DNA's useless w/o a cell-which came 1rst a cell or DNA? DNA's very complex(esp 4 higher lifeforms)so odds against figuring out/using DNA(in correct sequences/related processes)is many magnitudes higher than 4 pc program code-useless w/o an IDr 2 identify/assign its proper order. Give apes books-cant learn from whats written w/o intell. DNA's COMMON 2 ALL LIFE-98% of other species' DNA doesnt=Ev.

    7~Look @ ID/knowledge, time/energy used 2 create/improve(many mistakes)airplanes. If ppl didnt learn what 2 do we'd still b grounded.

    8~Creation's astronomically more complex than planes-more complex a species multiplies ID/knowledge needed 2 create it-Creation source is God or it couldnt exist let alone evolve(adapt not Ev built in 4 survival).

    9~Earth has best orbit/gravity/axis/spin/atmosphere, magnet field, water/moon has right size/orbit 4 tidal cycles/many foods tasting good 4 life~1-2 small diffs 4 orbits/environ=most likely life'd b diff/higher lifeforms die in short time if it survived.

    MICRO ADAPT's legit not macro-Ev. Most is inconclusive @ best/pure conjecture @ worst. Ev processes as Creation source=blind man building a car he's never heard of/seen/touched/heard or rode in-cant b done w/o 1rst teaching him about car functions/parts&assembly 4 it 2 work(cells hv same limits=no Ev).


    Source(s): If Jesus is God's Son Quran/islam(contradicts Bible); LDS/BoM/mormon(no another testament); JWs(twisted NWT/Watchtower/Awake)/Catholics/many Protestants/SDA/moonies/C Scientists/Scientology, Buddhist/Hindus others r wrong on Jesus, demotes Jesus 2 prophet/good man-1 way/another. If He isnt God's Son(false prophet)Bible/all named above r wrong=false prophets. Cant hv it 2 ways-1 Jesus=1 true Gospel-2 Cor 11:4. Many believe in but dont know Jesus-even Satan knows Him. Wrong teaching foundation cancels all ur claims. Calling a dog god doesnt make it God. Again-Jesus wasnt talking out 2 nor 1000s of sides of His mouth=no confusion. Seek Jesus with all ur heart/soul. U'll find God's Kingdom(u shall know the truth/sets u free). Why should God want u 2 live with Him 4ever if u dont want 2 know His way(free will=Jn 1:12-13)? God's truth is 4ever unchanged while man's religions/man-made gods die with him. Click my ID-read answers/hv ?s post/notify me or email ?s-YA cut post text amnt.
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    How long did these other religions last? A few hundred years? If they had something of value to offer the adherants the would still be around! The fact that the "Abrahamic Faiths" have been around now more than a thousand years and these other religions died out is evidence at least that these faiths do provide something of value to their followers.

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    If you have math problem you have to ask the Math teacher. and If you have a History problem then you have to ask Historian teacher.

    For Islam you have to ask Islamic scholars. and so on.

    You do not even understand your own body's functions. When you have headache you go to doctor and he gives you medication and you do the same as doctor says to you. Like wise you have to study something to understand all things canot be understand by general peoples. YOu have to consult the Doctors (means those who knows). Remember who knows and who doesnot know can never be equal.

    For knowing GOD you have met those who have met GOD.

    But remember Hinduism is not a True religion.

    Abrahamic faiths are the most acknowledged faith in this world. In Hinduism you have unlimited number of GODS for each thing.

    In Abrahmic GOD is one only. The Supreme. A God's primary characteristic according to abrahmic faith is his oneness.

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    First I would like to pointed in the direction of any religion "dead or alive" that ever had any concrete proof.

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    It's a necessary axiom of *any* religion...

    You don't put butts in the pew (and therefore, fill collection plates) if your message is "Well, we MAY be right but we're just not sure..."

    > Jimmer <

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    Because then their religions would die, and with it, their empires.

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    They are all equal and they are all BULL.

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