Phillip Phillips, Dave Matthews?

So everyone has been saying that Phillip Phillips on American Idol has been copying Dave Matthews. These are my reasons on why he is not just a copy-cat :

-I know this isnt the best name to bring up because some people just get all pissy over him...but John Mayer at the beginning of his career sort of had a Dave Matthews type mannerism to him while he was performing. John has said that Dave is one of his big inspirations. When you start out as a musician, you go with what you think looks cool, something that you want to try. They all have role-models and idols in music that they look up to. Phil has been listening to DMB since he was about 10 years old probably and when you've had an influence like that for so long, you start to develop some of those mannerisms so that it becomes natural for you and you do it without thinking. Phil is only 20 years old and he so much more time to grow and to mature as a musician and he will eventually develop his own, special, unique way of performing.

-The people who say that their voice is the Dave has a smooth, relaxing type voice. Phillip's voice is raspy and and more raw. Its not like he's making himself sing a certain just wouldnt sound right if he would...thats his natural voice. Get over it.

-I have to agree that the one thing I think is very similar to Dave is the thing with the legs and with the feet. But as I said, DMB has been a huge influence for him since he was very young and when you have a role-model you kind of want to do what they do because you think it looks cool and you like it. And it just kind of comes naturally after doing that for so many years. But soon as he grows as a musician, he will grow out of that just like John Mayer has.

-The guitar face. Every musician who plays a guitar has a gosh darn guitar face. His guitar face is not all that similar to Dave's, in my opinion. I actually think that its more similar to John Mayer's than Daves.

-Like I said, I think the feet and legs are very similar but everyone likes to dance a little bit when they sing and play guitar. I have seen many,many people do that type of dance with their feet. It's nothing new, and Im sure that others from a long time ago have done that even before Dave did it.

-He holds the guitar like Dave Matthews too. Are you serious? Ha yeah you guys are right. He's such a copy cat when he hold the guitar and does the chords with his left hand and strums with his right hand. C'mon! How the heck are you supposed to hold a guitar? He wouldnt make himself hold it that way if it didnt feel natural. When you get into the music and believe what you are singing, you lose yourself in it and go just naturally to what your natural-born mannerisms are. And there are billions of people in this world, there cant be one person out there who is so unique aside from everyone else that Dave is the only one that has a quirky kind of style. And thats how he holds the guitar, thats how many people hold it. Good lord, you people are analyzing this way too much.

Phillip is absoluetely amazing and Ill probably get alot of people pissed at me for this but...whatever Dave does that you say Phillip is doesnt matter cuz Phillip does it better.(; And Taylor Hicks has also been compared to Dave sometimes. Alot of people have. And just because they have the same music style doesnt mean anything. Look at all the alt. rock bands with a female front leader and the rest are guys who play the instruments...they're all different in their unique ways but they also enjoy the same kind of music. Thats all it is. And its not like Phillip doesnt give any credit to Dave. He's said that he is a big influence in interviews that ive seen and on his twitter and facebook pages.

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    9 years ago
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    Okay, being completely honest I only read like the first paragraph because that was really (and I mean really) long. I, too, enjoy watching Phillip Phillips' perform. I do not think that he is trying to 'copy' anyone in any way shape or form. When I watch him sing/play I can see that he has the music in him. It just fills him up; he does it because he loves it. And you can most definitely see that on film.

    Have a good night!


  • 4 years ago

    Phillip Phillips And Dave Matthews

  • 7 years ago

    He's copying EVERYTHING about Dave. The singing style, the mannerisms, the dance, the facial expressions. EVERYTHING. One doesn't innocently copy every single thing about another musician without realizing it, he's doing it intentionally.

    No disrespect to you, if you like him then great, and I can understand you wanting to defend him. But he is 100% intentionally imitating Dave Matthews, just like people in Vegas imitate Elvis. And it's too bad, because I really like his songs. I don't understand why he just doesn't find his own style, they really are good songs.

    But I have a really hard time respecting musicians that get famous by blatantly copying everything about another musician's style.

  • tanaka
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    4 years ago

    then you definately greater suited vote him off..i think of for actual that none of those little ones sang nicely in any respect final evening..i could no longer tell what songs they have been making a music yet one and that become the only via Foreigner and the girl suck attempting to sing it too..i comprehend the 1980's songs, so as that they have been all poor final evening, and the judges valuable haven't any music ears anymore for valuable!!!!. Sorry yet all of them sucks lat evening!!..=)

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  • 9 years ago

    I agree! And to that person with the even comment, Eben sucked. Most of the songs he sang we're bad even before he sang it... He's just a little kid, people want a strong voice.

    Go Hollie! (:

  • 9 years ago

    What happened to that nice Eben guy, the one who had more talent than 1/3 of the people in the Top 13? *shrug* Consider the source of the competition. And he does sound like Dave Matthews, hopefully without becoming as bland.

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