Ar 15 flip up sights?

Looking into the magpul mbus flip up rear sights for my new bushmaster patrolman. Anyone purchased them have any thoughts they would like to add. I just want the rear sights with my stock front sights unchanged. Just curious if they are worth it. Also where, and how much did you pay

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  • Nigel
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    9 years ago
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    They are definitely worth it. They are lightweight, rock solid, and cheap compared to other quality BUIS. I also like being able to flip them up with the push of a button, as opposed to manually having to pull them up. Expect to paya around $80-100 for the pair. If you find them much cheaper than $70 for the pair brand new, then they are probably Magpul's PTS sights, which are not as high quality, made for airsoft guns, and as a result will not hold a zero for long. If you compare this price to the other high end brands (Troy, Midwest Industries, YHM, GG&G), then you will quickly realize that the MBUS are very cheap. Just a front or just a rear sight from these companies will cost you $100-120, and they work just as well as the MBUS.

    Bottom line: As with all Magpul products, the MBUS are most definitely worth putting on your AR. You will not regret it.

  • 4 years ago

    i'd bypass with the detachable carry cope with. you are able to certainly positioned a take place rear sight on it or an extremely super determination of optics at a later date. study to shoot the rifle first using only the attractions on the carry cope with in the beginning. as quickly as you grasp iron attractions, optics would be a device, not a crutch.

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