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Is Kevin Bacon autistic?

Soo.....I am a 54 y/o guy, recently diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and one of my friends was trying to make me feel better (at least I think so, but I don't feel bad about it so there's no point in that), and he started naming some famous people with Asperger's (Kim Peek, Antonin van Leewaenhoek, Charles Darwin, Mark Hoppus (not sure if he has it for real?)) and then one of the names was Kevin Bacon (the actor). Does he really have Asperger's syndrome???

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    No idea about Bacon, but Kim Peek...was he kidding??? Peek (who the movie Rain Man was based on) wasn't even Autistic. He also had an Intellectual Impairment (mental retardation) which would prevent him "ever" receiving an Asperger's diagnosis. Peek had FG syndrome (also called Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome), which is a chromosomal issue utterly unrelated to the Autism Spectrum.

    I'd forget about anyone like Darwin or Leewaenhoek. It may be true but they're long dead and we'll never be able to prove it. I'd focus on people who "publicly" admitted to either having been diagnosed, or to having a strong belief they are. Vernon L. Smith (winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics) and Daniel Tammet fall in the first category, Dan Aykroyd and Gary Numan in the second.

    Problem is these days is that as soon as one person proposes something online, masses of people start quoting it as fact. A favourite "Asperger" is Steven Spielberg...but where's the proof? He has never publicly admitted to receiving a diagnosis, and it would be illegal to view his medical records. So how do they know?? Mark Hoppus also sounds pretty dubious.

    Source(s): Proud Asperger, employed as a dis/Ability Advocate -- Asperger's is not something I "have" or "suffer", it's WHO I AM......and I damn well like who I am, irrespective of what others think!! Wikipedia ranges for great to hopelessly inaccurate, but this first link will start you off for further research. The other two links seem pretty accurate.
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    I don't believe so, I think they were messing with you. It's cool you have it. My brother has it to, but I came out with ADHD.

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    Source(s): Being a park ranger...They do
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