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How to look like Brooke Shields?

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    Yes, Brooke Shields in quite the beautiful woman. However, you need to discover why YOU are too! Discover your own unique beauty! When you try to look like somebody else, you're fogetting how special and unique you are as well!

    Sometimes it's hard to think of what we like/love about our own appearance when we're so surrounded by "perfect" celebrities and models. Try writing a list of things down, whether it be your eyes, lips, legs, butt, whatever! It's totally okay if the list is small but if you're having trouble coming up with anything, ask a friend or family member. Those are the people who always see the beauty in us.

    It's fun to flip through pages of magazines and gawk at all the gorgeous celebrities and models but at the end of the day, just remember that you are YOU. There is no one else who looks exactly like you, so appreciate how special and one of a kind you are! If you weren't beautiful, you wouldn't be here. God only creates beauty.

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