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I have a very thin waist plz help..!?

I am 15 i have a thin waist and a big butt the overall shape is nice but i cant wear tight jeans because of my butt it looks really wierd in tight jeans oh and i have big thighs too my body looks great in pencil skirts but u knw sometimes u need to like erar j jeans

I was wondering if there are any types of exercise i can do at home to have a small butt that matche my small waist plz help me..!!

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    Your only 15 and worrying about size?

    Im a fairly good looking guy and i know that a thin waist is a plus in every single mans preference book. Only a picture would let others help (not implying anything).

    If you have a thin waist and bubbly butt you seriously have nothing to worry about. Guys will be intimidated cuz your shape but in all honesty guys want something to squeeze not bones. Viktoriya secret models are pretty but not hot. They are probably 2-3 sizes to skinny.

    Stay confident girl, peace

    Source(s): observation experience
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