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Im new to fantasy baseball and just drafted my first team and i was wondering if i did good or bad?

C Alex Avila

1B Prince Fielder

2B Ben Zobrist

3B Pablo Sandoval

SS Alexi Ramirez

2B/SS Marco Scutaro

1B/3B Gaby Sanchez

OF Mike Stanton

OF Corey Hart

OF Melky Cabrera

OF Torii Hunter

OF Josh Willingham

UTIL Jemile Weeks

P Roy Halliday

P David Price

P Jeremy Hellickson

P Yu Darvish

P Ted Lily

P Ryan Dempster

P John Danks

P Mariano Rivera

P Jose Valverde

BE Mark Trumbo

BE Carlos Quentin

BE Johan Santana

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  • 8 years ago
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    Weak outfield, weak at stolen bases,. but otherwise ok

    good luck

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  • 8 years ago

    It seems like you didn't have much of a strategy going into the draft, which is fine since you've never played before. You're pitching is pretty good, not a whole lot to change.

    You're offense is ok, but you have no speed. Other than Stanton and Hart, I don't like the rest of you outfield. Get rid of Willingham or Hunter and get some speed. You've got plenty of pop with Fielder, Stanton, Sandoval, hart. You also might find that your AVG might be a little low.

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