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SAM asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 9 years ago

Dieting Help & i want some good advices?

Actually I'm a fat & have started dieting but i wanna ask dat gimme some good advices bout loosing weight actually i wanna loose belly , my legs & wan my arms look good dey are like falling n not good but dey are not big enough & my waist is 38 & i want it to 32 so pls gimme some good advices nd em following rules lil eating more water . i eat 1 chappati wid vegetable @ day nd 1 @ nite but no meat @ all nd tell me which fruit juice is good which i should take but da fresh ones

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  • Rishi
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    9 years ago
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    Always remember one thing when trying to lose weight, you can never lose from wherever you want. Because spot reduction is not possible at all you have to take this project seriously. Natural and safe weight loss falls between 1-1.5 lbs a week. Stick to 1200-1500 cal a day, once a while treat yourself but never go beyond 1800. Yoga is a safe and long lasting (rather everlasting) method of loosing weight. You may start with the below tried and tested program and must hit the gym for cardio or swimming every other day:

    1. Palm Tree Pose, 10 times

    2. Swaying Palm Tree Pose, 10 times

    3. Double Angle Pose, 10 times

    4. Triangle Pose, 5 times

    5. Sun Salutation, 12-15 rounds

    6. Relaxation Pose, 5 mins

    7. Twisting Cobra Pose, 10 times

    8. Head to Knee Pose, 5 times each leg

    9. Balance Pose, swapping hands and elbows alternatively

    10. Relaxation with abdominal breath, 10 mins

    11. Bellows Breathing, 5 mins

    12. Alternate Nostril Breathing, 5 mins

    Every other day when you're in the gym, perform first 9 practices then:

    1. Elliptical 15 mins

    2. Bike 15 mins

    3. Run 20 mins;

    1st 5mins. slow

    2nd 5mins fast

    3rd 5mins slow

    4th 5mins faster

    4. Relaxation with abdominal breath, 10 mins

    5. Bellows Breathing, 5 mins

    6. Alternate Nostril Breathing, 5 mins

    Also every morning:

    1. Drink one glass of water and practice Palm Tree Pose 10 times

    2. Drink second glass of water and practice Swaying Palm Tree 10 times

    3. Drink third glass of water and practice Waist Rotation Pose 10 times

    4. Drink fourth glass of water and go to the toilet and sit for 5 mins

    And rest of the day:

    b) Drink lime and honey every morning mixed with room temperature water.

    c) Only drink lukewarm water whenever you are thirsty.

    d) Avoid fats, spices and oily food

    e) When hungry prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables instead

    f) When you eat just think that 'this bite i'm chewing is getting efficiently absorbed and nourishing my body'. Then even you eat on the go you "eat consciously"


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  • 5 years ago

    I wouldnt move extremely good low cal..that could truthfully make it worse. Do now not ship your frame into hunger mode!! To construct muscle and likewise drop pounds, consume plenty of grilled fowl and inexperienced vegetables! Broccoli, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts. Also end result are well. I did a fruit rapid for an afternoon earlier than a weigh in. I ate alot however in end result and that i weighed in at much less!

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